‘Sister Wives’ Tell-All Part 3 Teases ‘Shocking News’ — Fans Speculate What It Could Be

The description for the upcoming Sister Wives tell-all part 3 teases that there will be “shocking news” that will “change the dynamic of the family.” What does that mean? Sister Wives fans give their theories.

Robyn Brown cries during the second installment of the Sister Wives Tell-All.
Robyn Brown cries during the second installment of the “Sister Wives” Tell-All | Facebook/Sister Wives

‘Sister Wives’ tell-all reunion part 3 will have ‘shocking news’

In parts one and two of the Sister Wives Season 16 tell-all, Kody and the wives dropped some major bombshells. We learned that Kody Brown believes that Meri Brown actually had an affair and wasn’t merely a victim of catfishing. Then we learned that Christine had left her faith.

Kody Brown sitting down across from the 'One on One' host for the tell-all episode for 'Sister Wives' Season 16.
Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

The description for the upcoming One-on-One part 3 reveals that there will be even more shocking revelations. It reads: “In this final episode of one-on-one interviews, Kody and Christine share shocking news that will change the family dynamic forever as the other wives weigh in on how it affects their future.”

‘Sister Wives’ fans speculate what the news could be

The Sister Wives fans are curious about this “shocking news” and have come up with their theories. One fan believes that the news could be that Christine has moved from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Murray, Utah. They wrote, “I bet it’s just that Christine moved to Utah. Shocking in the timeline of the show, but not in real time.”

Christine Brown on the set of the 'Sister Wives' Season 16 One-on-One reunion on TLC.
Christine Brown’ Sister Wives’ | TLC

Another fan hoped that the news was that Christine had a significant other. They wrote, “Unless Christine has a SO. That would be bada–. Lol”

Meanwhile, another fan thought it could have something to do with their property on Coyote Pass. They wrote, “Oh, PLEASSSEE make it be that they have to sell off Coyote Pass to cash out Christine!”

What ‘Sister Wives’ fans know already

It’s nearly impossible to keep internet sleuths from finding spoilers about the family. Before Christine announced her split, there were rumors all over the internet. Also, it has already been revealed that Christine has moved out of Arizona and back to Utah (via The Sun).

The cast of TLC's Sister Wives.
The cast of TLC’s Sister Wives includes Christine, Janelle, Kody, Robyn, and Meri Brown | Discovery Press/TLC

Also, Christine’s son, Paedon Brown, revealed that his mother has continued to film for the family’s TLC show. So the news couldn’t be that Christine is leaving Sister Wives.

Fans can tune in on Sunday, Feb. 13, to find out the big news from Kody and Christine on TLC and discovery+. Whatever it is, it seems like the other wives, Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, won’t be happy.

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