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Sister Wives fans are starting to get a little uncomfortable with the level of tension that is being shown on camera. It looks like Kody Brown and his four wives just can’t seem to get along. In fact, the tension between Kody and his first wife, Meri Brown, is especially disconcerting. While the emotional upheaval seems rather new, eagle-eyed viewers suggest the entire brown family has been insensitive towards one another for decades. It would seem that it’s just now coming to light.

Janelle and Kody were planning to marry on Meri’s birthday

Years before the Brown family became reality TV stars; they were simply a polygamist family living in Utah. Janelle Brown joined the family just three years after Meri and Kody officially tied the knot. That isn’t too surprising. Meri was raised in polygamy, and Kody adopted the movement as a young adult. The duo, apparently, always knew they would add additional wives to their family. However, Kody and Janelle proved their insensitivity when they originally planned to get married on Meri’s birthday.

One Reddit follower noted that the duo had plans to go ahead with their nuptials on Meri’s birthday until Kody’s mother stepped in. Kody’s mom was the one who put her foot down and suggested getting married on his first wife’s birthday would be a touch insensitive. Fans note that the move, which could have been an attempt to take some power from Meri, was pretty ruthless, even though it ultimately didn’t happen.

Robyn was caught canoodling with Kody before marriage

The religious movement that the Brown family belonged to for decades dissuades adherents from showing physical affection before the wedding day. That didn’t stop Kody and Robyn from getting pretty close before tying the knot, and apparently, they didn’t care who saw, either. In fact, their public displays of affection were caught on camera.

The situation was so troubling to Christine Brown, who was pregnant during Robyn and Kody’s courtship, that she refused to film for several days. Kody claimed her anger was overblown, but fans note that Christine was going through a particularly difficult time during Kody and Robyn’s courtship. She had suffered a miscarriage the previous year and was far along in her pregnancy with her youngest child at the time. That alone would be emotional. When you throw a new courtship into the mix, well, things are bound to get pretty raw. Fans believe Kody and Robyn should have shown a bit more sensitivity and stuck to the rules, but alas, they did not.

The Brown family continues to ice Meri out

In 2015, Meri was involved in a catfishing scandal. Sure, Meri’s decision to emotionally cheat on her husband wasn’t her finest moment, but it’s been almost five years now, and one would think the family would have made a decision by now. You would think that they’d either forget the situation and move on, or make a collective decision to go their separate ways. That’s not what has happened, though.

Instead, the entire Brown family seems to continue to ice Meri out and treat her as if she isn’t a part of the family. The level of alienation, mostly propagated by Kody, is pretty uncomfortable to watch. In fact, many viewers are questioning why Meri even wants to remain with the family in Flagstaff. Some fans think she isn’t actively involved with the family any longer and just shows up when filming is taking place.  That would explain the ice out, but they could at least try to be a little nicer.