‘Sister Wives’: When Was the Last Time Meri Brown Was Spotted With Her Wedding Ring?

Meri Brown has been running around without her wedding ring for months. At least, it appears as though she’s ditched the ring according to recent Instagram photos. While fans have recently begun discussing Meri’s missing ring, it looks like she may have stopped wearing the symbol of her commitment more than a year ago. Does the missing wedding ring mean her marriage is over, though? It may, or it may not.

Meri was spotted wearing a band on her left ring finger in April 2019

Meri’s pictures rarely feature a clear shot of her hands, but it looks as though she was wearing a ring on her left ring finger up until around April 2019. At the very least, she appeared to have a ring that seemed to match the style of ring that her sister wives wear. During the early seasons of Sister Wives the four rings were easily visible during interview segments.

Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, Meri Brown and Christine Brown arrive at the grand opening of 'Mamma Mia'
Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, Meri Brown and Christine Brown | Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic

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Each of Kody’s four wives wears a Claddagh ring. The ring, common in the Irish culture, is meant to represent love and loyalty. Each of the women wears the ring to show their commitment to Kody and their plural family. Christine Brown has featured her ring on Instagram in the past.  Robyn has spoken briefly about the importance of her ring, as well.  

The ring disappeared sometime after April 2019

Fans began noticing Meri’s naked fingers in the last several months, but a quick scroll through her Instagram feed suggests she was going without her ring, at least some of the time, as early as May 2019. The family picked up and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, in the summer of 2018, and Meri wasn’t thrilled with the move. She spoke regularly about feeling lonely and out of place in her new city.

Meri has solved her homesickness by staying in Flagstaff as little as possible and sharing inspiring and motivational quotes on Instagram. Is the move what pushed Meri closer to separation? Some fans believe so. Whether or not Meri will actually pack up and leave her famous family, however, remains to be seen.

Is Meri’s missing wedding ring really that big of a deal?

There are plenty of reasons why someone could decide to take off their wedding ring. For those with hands-on jobs, wedding bands can be considered a hazard. Other’s prefer to forgo their ring if it’s too hot, or if their ring size has changed significantly since exchanging vows. Some couples decide to reserve the wearing of wedding rings for special occasions only. The lack of a wedding ring, in general, doesn’t mean that a marriage is in trouble. A sudden change in ring-wearing behavior, however, could signal a problem.  

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Fans note that Meri’s sudden habit change is evidence that her marriage is finally over. To be fair, neither Meri nor Kody have hidden the fact that their union is rocky. Neither, however, have confirmed that they are officially separated. Fans assume the announcement is forthcoming, though. In fact, some fans think the couple might be waiting for the next season of Sister Wives to announce the big news. Meri’s lack of a wedding ring and recent Instagram posts seem to hint at a significant change in her status, at the very least.