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The Brown family of Sister Wives fame is floundering. While the plural family signed up for a reality TV show to prove to the world their way of life can work just fine, they’ve managed to do the exact opposite. In-fighting, power struggles, and jealousy are shared among the four wives that Kody Brown splits his time between. Kody also seems to have a favorite wife, but fans think another wife is the best looking of the bunch by far.

Kody clearly has a favorite wife

Kody has long insisted that he loves all of his wives equally. After all, it’s the very principle that plural marriage is supposed to be based on. But parents can favor one child over another, so it would stand to reason that a husband could favor one wife over another when he has several. In recent years, fans are pretty sure that Robyn Brown, Kody’s fourth and now-legal wife, is his absolute favorite.

In recent months, it’s been surmised that Kody is spending the majority of his time with Robyn and that his three other wives are suffering because of it. Soap Dirt, has reported that Kody’s car has been seen parked at Robyn’s home for weeks at a time and that she is monopolizing all of his time. Followers have also theorized that Robyn is the sole reason behind the family’s hasty move to Arizona.

Fans believe Janelle Brown is a natural beauty

A Reddit user took to the forum to suggest Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, bears a passing resemblance to the classic sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. While a few users agreed with the original poster, most don’t see the connection, other than the fact that both Monroe was a blonde, like Janelle, and that they have similarly soft features.

Even if she doesn’t look like the epic sex symbol, everyone seems to agree that Janelle is the most aesthetically pleasing wife in Kody’s family. One user suggested that while Janelle “wears her years of sacrifice,” she could have been a great beauty, although the resemblance to Monroe is a bit of a reach.

Several users also note that Janelle, of all the wives, appears to be the smartest and most independent. While the compliment is undoubtedly lovely, Janelle’s life seems pretty sad. In fact, during the family’s last tell-all episode, she admitted to being unhappy in her marriage for decades.

Will the Brown family part ways at some point?

With the family in a state of flux, fans are pretty sure one or more wives will walk away from the family at some point. Kody, the family’s patriarch, seems perfectly okay with that idea, too. As rumors continue to swirl that he’s married a fifth wife, he can surely afford to lose at least one.

Strangely enough, Janelle, who has been pegged as the most independent and the least romantically inclined, isn’t the one who looks ready to walk away. Instead, followers believe Meri Brown, Kody’s first wife, will be the one to leave the family. Meri, who owns a bed and breakfast in Utah, has the financial means to leave the family, and she also appears to have the most tension with her fellow sister wives and husband.