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Robyn Brown entered into the plural family nearly two decades after Kody Brown married his third wife. Though it was tough for wives number one through three to welcome Robyn into the fold; bringing her kids into the crowd added another hurdle. Along with Robyn came three children; Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. Even with the initial bumps in the road, the family welcomed the kids, but they were desperate for a legal reminder that Robyn’s kids were part of their family.

Because of an overwhelming desire to legally take custody of the family’s newest members, Kody Brown divorced his first wife, to make his fourth wife his legal bride; clearing one of many hurdles to legal adoption. Eventually, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna officially became Browns, but years after the fact, fans are still questioning exactly why it needed to happen.

Why did Kody adopt Robyn’s kids?

Sister Wives fans have long questioned why Kody was so motivated to adopt the three children that Robyn brought into the marriage. Sure, he loves them and views him as his own children, and that is awesome, but fans have wondered if there is more to the story.

There seems to be. The sister wives all explained that the legal adoption aimed to ensure that if something were to happen to Robyn that her three children from a previous relationship would remain in the Brown family. If Kody did not legally adopt them, and something were to happen to Robyn, the Browns would have no claim to the children. In all likelihood, they would be passed back to their biological father; David Preston Jessop; something Robyn was vehemently against.

Why did Robyn’s first marriage end?

Robyn has not been shy about sharing the details of her first marriage. According to E!, Robyn ended her first marriage after nine years due to abuse. Robyn explained her explosive reaction to bullying between the kids on a 2011 episode of Sister Wives.

Robyn shared even more insight into her first marriage in the family’s book Becoming Sister Wives. In the non-fiction offering, Robyn notes she was not open to dating after ending her nine-year nightmare and was reluctant to involve herself with the Brown family; especially coming into the relationship as a fourth wife after such a long gap between adding new members.

Reddit users dug up a 2018 arrest report on Jessop that seemingly corroborate Robyn’s story. Jessop was allegedly arrested in Montana for assault on a family member. There is no further information on how the case shook out or who Jessop assaulted.

Robyn’s weird gift during the adoption celebration

While Kody’s Brown adoption of Robyn’s three kids from a previous marriage isn’t all that strange, the gift that Robyn presented during the adoption celebration was. Fans have been talking about the portrait Robyn commissioned since the episode first aired.

Robyn offered Kody a portrait of himself with the three kids. That in itself wouldn’t be weird, but the picture features a young Kody with the three kids as young children – you know as if Kody has been in their lives forever.

While Robyn surely meant the gesture to be sweet, fans went wild; questioning exactly why she was attempting to rewrite the children’s history. Even with the legal adoption a done deal, fans worried Robyn’s attempt to insert Kody as their father from day one could be damaging.