‘Sister Wives’: Why Is Kody Brown’s Daughter Having a Panic Attack?

The Brown family’s move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff was deeply stressful, triggering latent issues within the family as a whole and in each of Kody Brown’s relationships with his four wives to crop up.

Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, have been at odds all season on TLC’s Sister Wives. She’s expressed her disappointment with Kody over the move, which has prompted plenty of new moves to various rentals as the family waits to build on their Arizona land, Coyote Pass.

In a new preview for the Mar. 8 episode of Sister Wives, “A Breaking Point,” Kody and Robyn’s argument in front of the kids sparks a panic attack for their oldest daughter, Aurora Brown.

Robyn, Aurora, Janelle, Meri, Mariah, Gwendlyn, Aspyn, Christine, and Mykelti Brown
Robyn, Aurora, Janelle, Meri, Mariah, Gwendlyn, Aspyn, Christine, and Mykelti Brown | Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic

Robyn and Kody tell the kids they have to move in under two months

In new sneak peek clips for the upcoming Sister Wives episode, Robyn and Kody sit down with their five kids to reveal that Robyn’s rental has been sold by the owner. The family will have to move in less than two months.

“We’re having a really hard time trying to find a rental, and I don’t know what to do at this point,” Robyn tells her children.

But Kody doesn’t agree with his wife and takes the opportunity to tell the kids, “We’re not finding a rental. I’m sorry. We’re gonna make an offer on a house. We’re gonna buy a house. Mom doesn’t like it, and I haven’t talked her into it yet.”

“Well, we don’t have to do that yet,” Robyn says. “We have a little bit of time to keep looking for a rental.”

The Sister Wives star isn’t happy with Kody’s announcement to the children, especially since he didn’t ask for her approval first. Robyn laments that they aren’t presenting a united front, telling Sister Wives producers, “I guess Kody decided to tell the kids that he wants to buy.”

“It’s not a matter of wanting, love. It’s a matter of, there is only one choice here provided,” Kody says in response.

Kody carries Aurora from the room as she panics

Robyn is especially worried that buying a home will push back the time when they’ll begin building on Coyote Pass. After leaving her first marriage, Robyn wanted to enter a plural family and enjoy the culture of being part of a large community. But with multiple moves and each sister wife scattered across various parts of Flagstaff, it doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon.

As the couple argues back and forth, the kids get increasingly stressed and anxious. Aurora, Kody’s adopted teen daughter from Robyn’s first marriage, seems to buckle under the pressure of the news and her parents’ argument in one clip.

Kody tells Sister Wives producers that “stress” seems to bring on panic attacks for Aurora. According to TLC’s episode description, Aurora has a “full-blown panic attack” that they describe as possibly the “worst” she’s ever had.

As Aurora breaks down in tears, Robyn looks miserable and defeated. Meanwhile, Kody carries Aurora out of the room as she sobs and struggles to breathe.

‘Sister Wives’ fans have spoken out about the stress of the Brown family’s move

Sister Wives fans had mixed reactions to the previews for the upcoming episode.

A few viewers thought the situation was being overblown. “Was Aurora really having a meltdown over having to move a few miles…?” one Twitter user wondered.

But others thought Kody’s decisions for the family must be causing their many children undue stress. Many of the kids’ high school careers, friendships, personal lives, and even their relationships with each other, were disrupted by the Browns’ many moves since Sister Wives began around a decade ago (from Utah to Nevada, from Nevada to Arizona, and from house to house within Flagstaff).

“I can’t keep up anymore [with] who rents what, who bought what house, who moves where, who owns a lot, who needs to move again,” one Sister Wives viewer wrote on Twitter. “I’m stressed out just watching all their ‘moving drama’ [for a] few seasons. They move more than a military family.”

Another fan thought the constant moves were irresponsible and must be putting pressure on the kids. “Kody doesn’t care about jerking his kids all over the place,” one critic argued on Twitter. “I have rarely heard him mention how hard this must be for the kids.”