‘Sister Wives’: Why Is Meri Brown Staying in a Platonic Marriage With Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans are trying to understand why Meri Brown has continued to stay in her platonic marriage with Kody Brown. Kody admitted that their relationship is everything except for romantic. Sister Wives fans have their theories as to why they’re still together.

Meri Brown and Kody Brown on couch together on 'Sister Wives' | TLC
Meri Brown and Kody Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Kody admits his marriage to Meri is not romantic

After Christine told Meri she was done with her marriage with Kody, she revealed her stance on the marriage. She says, “I see value in our family. I see value in all the relationships. I know that things don’t fix or heal if you walk away.” She says, “I have gone how many years without any relationship with Kody and I get really fed up with it sometimes.”

Kody says, “So Meri and I haven’t even been in a full marriage for about five years, you know. She went through a catfishing experience. I thought she was going to leave. Even on our last anniversary, I just kind of made it clear to her that we probably weren’t getting back together in a full marriage. I mean, I’m not kicking her out. I’m just letting her know where the relationship with me is at.”

‘Sister Wives’ fans speculate about why Meri is staying in platonic marriage with Kody

On the Nov 28 episode of Sister Wives, Meri says that she’s received “a confirmation from God” that she should stay in her marriage with Kody. She says, “This is a very conscious choice that I’m making.”

Kody says, “At this point in my life, this relationship is basically where I have an amiable [sic] relationship with her with no desire or interest in a romantic relationship. And I don’t know how we’re going to continue moving forward. But now we’re actually in a much better relationship. It’s just not romantic.

Sister Wives fans on Reddit speculate as to why Meri chooses to stay with Kody. One fan wrote, “I think she’s just scared to be truly alone. This family isn’t much but besides her daughter who has her own life, she doesn’t have anyone else.” Another Reddit user wrote, “Agree. And the TLC paycheck.”

Meri is content with crumbs from Kody

Kody went to Meri’s house to talk to her about how she felt about moving to Utah and she’s ecstatic that Kody even came to talk. She said, “Can we just hold on to the fact that he said he wanted to talk to me? I don’t care what it’s about, but the fact that he wanted to talk to me about something. I’m there.”

During the social-distanced campfire hangout for the entire Brown family, Kody made Meri a s’more. Meri told the cameras, “Kody made me a s’more. I’m gonna tell a secret, I saw Robyn tell him to make it for me. And I’m okay with that ’cause he still made it for me.”

Meri seems absolutely content with the fact that she and Kody’s marriage is platonic. She said, “We’re mean to have each other’s backs.” While many Sister Wives fans feel bad for Meri, they think that she’s too loyal to leave Kody now after nearly 30 years of marriage. Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC.

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