‘Snake in the Grass’ Cast Think They’ve Nailed the Snake – or Have They? [Exclusive Clip]

The Snake in the Grass cast seem pretty confident they have locked down the snake – but have they?

“I’m livid,” Ryan Anthony from Snake in the Grass ep 2 says in a confessional. “A snake would be the one to throw blame and cause doubt and not be defensive about losing. Andrew … is this how you wanna play?” But is it competitor Andrew Muse? And what do Alissa Musto and Stephanie Ortiz think?

Why is ‘Snake in the Grass’ player Alissa suspicious of Ryan?

In an exclusive clip shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, suspicion grows as competitors point fingers at one another. Ryan thinks Andrew is the snake. “I see you … snake!” Ryan says. “No!”

Bobby Bones from 'Snake in the Grass' sits on a rock with hands folded
Bobby Bones |Chase Bjornson/USA Network via Getty Images

But then Alissa Musto flips the script. “I wanna bet a lot of money that Ryan’s the snake,” she says in a confessional. Adding, “I’m suspicious of Ryan. He becomes very defensive and that’s how the snake is gonna react when we start realizing who the snake is.”

The four competitors are now standing in a circle suspiciously eyeballing one another.

Andrew tries to convince the crew he is not the ‘Snake in the Grass’

Host Bobby Bones breaks up some of the tension. “You guys are getting along so well, you’re gonna love what’s happening in just a second,” he says as the cast smirks because they seemingly are not getting along so well.

“You’re gonna go to camp,” Bobby tells the cast. “At camp there will be a clue. You’ll find it, open it and talk about it.” Bobby quickly departs the scene, leaving the Snake in the Grass cast to figure out what’s next as tensions boil over.

But Stephanie wants to know, “Are you guys not sad that we didn’t get the clue?”

Andrew replies, “No! I feel like we learned so much.” But Alissa says the most telling part of it all is what just unfolded, hinting that she’s onto the snake.

Who are the 2 suspects in this episode?

But Andrew insists he didn’t purposely throw the last challenge. “I worked my ass off,” he says. “You guys saw me running, sweating, trying to communicate the best that I could.”

And while Alissa thinks perhaps Ryan is the snake, she’s not counting Andrew out just yet. “Andrew is still on my radar as somebody who can potentially be the snake,” she says in a confessional. “But nothing, particularly in that challenge, said hey, Andrew is someone to keep an eye on.”

The Snake in the Grass cast heads off to camp and a new challenge as they inch closer and closer to finding out who is the snake.

Will they correctly uncover the snake’s identity? Thus far the teams have incorrectly identified who was the snake – allowing the snake to go home with the $100,000 prize. So will this team break the streak?

Find out who is the Snake in the Grass on Monday night at 11 pm ET on USA Network.

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