‘SNL’: Adele Had This Message For Former VP Candidate Sarah Palin

12 years after her Saturday Night Live debut, British songstress Adele made her return to the Studio 8H stage. Unlike her appearance back then, however, the Grammy-winning singer took on hosting duties this time instead of performing as the show’s musical guest.

Adele hosting 'Saturday Night Live' | NBC/YouTube
Adele hosting Saturday Night Live | NBC/YouTube

Adele’s last ‘SNL’ appearance was also during an election

In October of 2008, the US was in the middle of a presidential election as voters decided who they wanted to run the country. Barack Obama and John McCain were in a race for the White House, and there were just a few weeks left before Election Day.

One of the biggest curiosities of the race was Republican vice presidential candidate and former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Palin received more media attention than her opponent, Joe Biden, due to her gaffes on the campaign trail and perceived ineptitude. When Tina Fey famously played her on SNL alongside Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, Palin had become politics’ biggest punchline.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin addresses the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), February 26, 2015 | Alex Wong/Getty Images
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin addresses the 42nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), February 26, 2015 | Alex Wong/Getty Images

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Adele was on the same episode of ‘SNL’ as Sarah Palin

Fey continued to play Palin throughout the 2008 election season and even in the years following the election. She parodied Palin’s infamous interview with Katie Couric where she couldn’t name any publications that she read regularly.

Eventually, Palin herself graced SNL with her presence. It was October 18, 2008, and the former governor and Masked Singer contestant made a cameo in the show’s cold open and “Weekend Update” segments.

Adele had a simple message for Sarah Palin on ‘SNL’

Adele told the story of that episode in her opening monologue 12 years later. Millions of viewers tuned in to watch Palin and were simultaneously introduced to Adele as the musical guest. Her SNL performance was the launch of her career in the US, thanks in part to all the people who wanted to see Sarah Palin and Tina Fey interact.

“I don’t know anything about American politics and I don’t want to say anything too political,” Adele said. “So I’ll just say this: Sarah Palin, babes, thanks for everything, yeah?”

Adele had the mic for most of the show, so she was allowed to speak much more than when she was just a musical guest 12 years ago. Still, fans were disappointed that she wasn’t performing, despite Adele saying on Instagram it was a “full-circle” moment for her.

Because artists often go on SNL when they have an album coming out, many speculated that Adele’s appearance on SNL meant that her long-awaited fourth album is on the way. But the singer shot down those hopes in her monologue, saying her album wasn’t finished yet. And earlier this year, she responded to questions about where the album is saying “I honestly have no idea.”