‘SNL’ Cast Members Got in a Bidding War Over Chris Farley’s Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

In 2020, Chris Farley’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle was up for auction and two former SNL cast members got into a bidding war over it. While Farley’s good friend and movie co-star won the Harley, he ended up selling it to another Saturday Night Live cast member.

Chris Farley with the 'SNL' cast in season 18
Chris Farley with the ‘SNL’ cast | Al Levine/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Image

Chris Farley’s Harley motorcycle was sold at auction

Farley’s brother Tom shared how his famous brother came to get the bike and why he didn’t like riding if. “Somebody once convinced my brother to buy a Harley because ‘they are cool and made in Wisconsin,'” Tom wrote on Facebook. “He only rode it a few times around Chicago because it terrified him!”

The 1997 Harley-Davidson XLH1200 Sportster 1200 was auctioned online on the site LiveAuctioneers and Farley’s Tommy Boy co-star David Spade ended up winning the auction.

There was another SNL actor who lost out during the bidding and really wanted the motorcycle — Tim Meadows.

Tom explained to Patch, “He asked if I knew the owner and wanted to buy the bike off of the person. I said we both know the owner, Spade got it.”

Spade agreed to sell the motorcycle to Meadows. “Either way, the bike was going to end up with a true friend,” Tom wrote on Facebook. “His whole life Chris always had the very best of friends.”

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David Spade explained why Tim Meadows ended up with the Harley

On the Feb. 26 episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, Spade shared more details about the auction for Farley’s motorcycle and why he ultimately decided to sell it to Meadows.

“Did people know that you were the person who was bidding on it?,” Meyers asked.

Initially, Spade said he was interested in buying one of Farley’s cars but that didn’t materialize and Farley’s brother told him about the motorcycle going up for auction.

“Oh, that would be cool, I’ll put it in my house. My house is a mansion,” he joked about wanting to buy the Harley. “I go on this auction and I’m getting outbid. It gets up, gets up … and I finally win it and then his brother goes, ‘I can’t believe you beat Timmy Meadows.’”

“And I go, ‘Is this who I was going up against? You should have just told me, we could have figured it out,'” he recalled telling Farley’s brother.

“I go, ‘Oh, don’t tell Tim I got it, he’ll feel bad.’ So a minute later, Tim calls me, ‘Hey, he just told me it was you.’ He goes, ‘Would you sell it to me? Can I get it from you?,'” Spade shared.

“He goes, ‘I grew up in Chicago with him. I love motorcycles…’ and I go ‘Yeah, OK’ because he didn’t have anything of Chris’ and I thought he’s a Chicago guy and it was from Chicago so I gave it to Timmy and he sent me some of the money, so it was great,” the comedian added.

When Meyers questioned, “Just some?” of the money, Spade clarified, “He sent me all of it,” but the comedian discovered the Harley cost more than the winning bid because of fees and taxes.

“I would hate for [Meadows] to see this and send me money,” he joked, adding with a wink, “Worst case scenario.”