‘SNL’ Alums Chris Farley and David Spade Got in a Fight Over Rob Lowe on the ‘Tommy Boy’ Set

Chris Farley and David Spade were close friends who worked together on Saturday Night Live and in movies but there was a moment when the two SNL alums got in a dustup over one of their co-stars — Rob Lowe. Spade recalled the time he and his SNL co-star got in an actual fight on set.

Chris Farley and David Spade in a scene from 'Tommy Boy'
Chris Farley and David Spade in ‘Tommy Boy’ | CBS via Getty Images

There was some friction on the set of ‘Tommy Boy’

During a 2015 appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, David Spade and Rob Lowe reminisced about working together on the movie Tommy Boy.

Lowe confirmed that Spade and Farley “fought over me like I was a chick.” He added, “They’d be like, ‘I was in the jacuzzi with him last night.’”

Spade recalled how Farley had been sick on the plane when they were on their way to film on set, so he decided to rest because he didn’t feel well.

Spade called Lowe to hang out and the next day Farley was clearly upset, with Spade saying there was “trouble’s brewing” with his co-star’s vibe.

Former ‘SNL’ stars Chris Farley and David Spade fought while filming ‘Tommy Boy’

During the Aug. 5, 2020 Literally! With Rob Lowe podcast, Spade shared more of the story, noting how made Farley got at him because he was hanging out with Lowe.

Spade and Lowe got a drink together and didn’t invite Farley because he was sick. “We don’t tell Farley, of course we don’t! We see him every goddamn f*cking day,” Spade explained.

But when he saw Farley the next day, it was clear that he was upset about something. Spade noted that he was “biting his lip, which is about to have a fight. That’s his tell,” he explained.

Spade continued, “And he looks at me, and he goes, ‘How was your night?… How’s Rob Lowe?… Where’s your f*cking precious Rob Lowe?’”

Farley asked him, “How was drinks last night?” and Spade responded, “Oh, is that what we’re getting at? It was alright.”

Things didn’t end there, however, as Farley stomped on Spade’s lunch and his hand “with his big f*cking boots, with all his thousands of pounds,” the actor noted. Then Spade threw his drink at Farley, which kicked off a full-on fight and Farley pushed Spade down some stairs.

“I stand up and say, ‘Are we in a fight?,’” Spade recalled saying. Thankfully they were able to work through things quickly and get back to work.

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Rob Lowe revealed a little known fact about ‘Tommy Boy’

Interestingly, even though Lowe was a big part of Tommy Boy, he wasn’t credited in the film. “That’s right,” he told Corden, when reminded that he doesn’t have a credit for the movie.

“The original concept that Lorne Michaels had was it was going to be Farley and I as brothers … no David Spade involved,” Lowe explained. “And then, so one thing lead to another and it shifted focus to these two guys and I was like, ‘Well, let me just be a happy surprise.’”

“It’s a little known fact that my name appears nowhere,” he added.