‘SNL’: Pete Davidson Reveals Why Machine Gun Kelly Fell off the Stage During the Goodnites

Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly tumbled off the Saturday Night Live stage during closing moments of the show and Davidson shared why they both fell. Davidson recalled Machine Gun Kelly’s Jan. 2021 appearance and joked about why his friend lost his balance and they wiped out.

Davidson revealed that Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, was dealing with a bruised coccyx but he thought it would be funny if he picked up Davidson during the last minute of the show.

 Machine Gun Kelly performs as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live
Machine Gun Kelly performs as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live | Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“So Colson or as you may know him as Machine Gun Kelly, he bruised his coccyx that week,” Davidson shared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “If you don’t know what a coccyx is, it’s the bone in your a**. I don’t know if you have ever seen Napoleon Dynamite. Uncle Rico says grandma took a spill at the dunes [and injured] her coccyx.”

“So I thought he was joking,” Davidson admitted. “He was like, I broke my coccyx. So he bruised it. And he was like, no, for real. So he couldn’t, like, walk or sit. And he had, like, a tushy pillow. Well, it was just really cool to see, like, the most gangster thug dude. Just putting a little tushy pillow down. And Megan Fox is right there.”

“You know, so like for the goodnights, we should do something silly,” Davidson recalled Kelly telling him. “I was like or, you know, you could just enjoy the moment and clap. And he was like, no, we’ll think of something. I think I was going to like, pick you up. I was like, I don’t I don’t know if you should do that. That’s a crowded stage. You know, if you just clap … and he’s like, yeah, you’re right.”

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“And he got really excited and he went to pick me up and he forgot that he had a bruised coccyx,” Davidson exclaimed. “So he like went to pick me up and then he couldn’t go up. So he just started to slowly tilt back when he went, oh, no. And it was such a slow fall.”

Davidson recalled that the fall almost occurred in slow motion. “We had time for him to go, oh, no. And I went, you’re a f**king moron. I got the full line out.”

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Davidson added that they are both tall, lanky men so the fall was even funnier as a result. “We’re both pretty tall, dudes,” he said. “And it’s hard to pick me up because I’m so, like, flimsy and bony.” Davidson said what made the entire thing funnier was that SNL just cut to commercial as they tumbled off of the stage. “And then they cut right after that,” he recalled. “They went right to whatever the next thing was. Nobody ever texts me during the show. So I went backstage. And there were like 40 texts,” he laughed.

Kelly also found the moment to be pretty funny. A fan tweeted that it would have been cool if Kelly and Davidson did a skit together on the show. “We did do a skit during the credits we did one called ‘two drunk friends fall off the stage” it went even better than planned,” Kelly joked.