Snoop Dogg to Produce a Sherlock Holmes-Inspired Series for TV

When Snoop Dogg first gained attention in the rap world back in the ‘90s, who would’ve thought he’d expand beyond the music and become a multi-hyphenate? He’s a rapper, brand owner, chef, football coach, DJ, investor, actor, and of course, cannabis connoisseur.

While Snoop continues to tour and make music, he’s heavily involved in television and film. And now he’s getting ready to drop another TV project like it’s hot.

Snoop Dogg
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Snoop Dogg is producing a detective series

According to The Wrap, Snoop’s Snoopadelic Films arm is producing a TV show adapted from a book series inspired by Sherlock Holmes. His company is partnering with Alcon Television and Atlas Entertainment to bring the character Isaiah Quintabe of the IQ crime novels to the small screen.

No network is confirmed yet but Deon Taylor has been chosen as the director and the series has a heavy team of executive producers on deck in addition to Snoop.

What is the book series about?

Written by Joe Ide, the four novels follow Isaiah Quintabe – a.k.a. IQ – a private detective from East Long Beach who frequently takes on cases that the Los Angeles P.D. does not want.

With his streetwise partner and former Crip Juanell Dodson by his side, IQ isn’t afraid to go up against gangsters and other criminals to solve cases.

The first book, IQ, introduces readers to the protagonist, Isaiah, a young man who was orphaned as a child but is super intelligent and “unassuming.” He takes on clients and charges them on a sliding scale according to their income, but his first high profile case is a rapper.

From Ide’s website:

“No one expects a kid from East Long Beach to have what Isaiah’s packing–a blistering intellect, an incredible sense of perception, and some serious skills behind the wheel. It all adds up to one major advantage: When you come from nothing, nobody sees you coming.”

Other books in the series include Righteous, Wrecked, and Hi Five, and it’s assumed each novel has the potential to be developed for the TV series.

According to Ide’s bio, grew up in South Central L.A. loving the Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and they served as inspiration for his IQ series.

Snoop Dogg has at least six projects on the burner this year alone

Fans of Snoop know that he’s currently starring in his cooking show with Martha Stewart, Potluck Dinner Party, but he’s also part of Utopia Falls and has a role in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run.

However, he’s excited to be working on this crime series with Ide and posted a message on Instagram saying, “we not playing.” This gritty TV version of Holmes and Watson will be one of the latest added to his listing of production credits.

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We not playing

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There’s no word on when the show will go into production, so fans of Ides’ books, Snoop Dogg, and the curious crime drama viewer should stay tuned for more details.