‘Snowdrop’: Petition to Cancel Controversial K-Drama Has Resurfaced After Its Premiere

Disney+‘s venture into Korean dramas has hit hot water. BLACKPINK’s Jisso and Jung Hae-in’s K-drama Snowdrop is facing controversy once again after its premiere on Dec.18. In March, rumors circulated of the K-drama’s synopsis that angered netizens. Snowdrop occurs during a pivotal point in South Korean history during the Democratic movement.

Netizens petitioned for the K-drama’s cancelation. They believed it distorts historical facts and glamorizes a main character who is a spy. JTBC responded to the rumors and proceeded with the drama. Since its premiere, netizens have petitioned again for its cancelation.

Actors Jung Hae-in and Jisoo in 'Snowdrop' K-drama and controversy
Actors Jung Hae-in and Jisoo in ‘Snowdrop’ K-drama | via JTBC

What is ‘Snowdrop’ K-drama about?

Snowdrop takes place in the backdrop of the 1987 Democatrica Movement in South Korea. The protests and actions of citizens called for a stop to an authoritarian government and pushed for the first democratic elections. The K-drama begins with Im Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in). He stumbles into an all-female dormitory after being wounded.

Soo-ho happens to meet freshman Eun Young-ro (Jisoo). She willingly helps him hide from the government despite its serious repercussions. But Soo-ho hides a secret that puts both of them in peril. Amid political turmoil, the two characters start to fall in love.

Netizens petitioned to end ‘Snowdrop’ K-drama over its synopsis

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In March 2021, Snowdrop faced controversy as an unfinished synopsis circulated online. According to Soompi, the K-drama’s supposed storyline caught the attention of netizens who became angered over its distortion of historical facts. Netizens created a petition to stop the production of the K-drama and its premiere.

JTBC addressed the Snowdrop K-drama controversy and explained netizens took parts of the synopsis out of context. “Snowdrop is a black comedy that satirizes the presidential elections taking place in the 1980s under a military regime during the North-South tension on the Korean peninsula. It is also a melodrama about the young men and women who were victims of that situation,” said JTBC.

Based on the synopsis, netizens believed, “the male lead is a spy who has infiltrated the activist movement, while another male character is a team leader at the Agency for National Security.”

In their public announcement, JTBC explained netizens’ accusations are far from the truth about the K-drama’s storyline and not the intention of the production staff.

The resurfaced petition has gained over 200,000 signatures to stop the K-drama

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While Snowdrop has gained attention for its sweet and developing love story between Soo-ho and Young-ro amid a tense atmosphere, the K-drama faces backlash. After premiering two episodes, netizens brought back the original petition to have the K-drama canceled.

According to The South Korean Herald, a petition was posted on Cheong Wa Dae’s website (the executive office and official residence of the Republic of Korea’s head of state). The petition states JTBC’s original statement about the K-drama’s storyline is false. JTBC claimed Snowdrop would not focus on the pro-democracy movement in its K-drama storyline.

“However, the female lead character saves the life of a North Korean spy after mistaking him as an activist in the pro-democracy movement in the first episode,” states the petition. “Many activists were tortured and died after being falsely accused of being North Korean spies. I believe that the content of the drama defames the value and reputation of the democratization movement.”

Since its posting, the petition has received over 200,000 signatures. It meets the requirements for Cheong Wa Dae to respond within 30 days. JTBC responded and states the storyline will be resolved in future episodes.