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Jisoo became a worldwide star as a member of the girl group BLACKPINK. To try something outside of the music industry, Jisoo embarked on an acting career. Jisoo stars in her first Korean drama, Snowdrop, alongside actor Jung Hae-in. Her first K-drama role was met with criticism over the drama’s storyline connected with South Korean history.

While the controversy remains, fans have praised Jisoo’s natural acting abilities. Throughout Snowdrop, Jisoo has portrayed different levels of emotion. But will the K-Pop idol continue her acting career?

Jisoo as Eun Young-ro in 'Snowdrop' K-drama wearing white button up shirt.
Jisoo as Eun Young-ro in ‘Snowdrop’ K-drama | via JTBC

Jisoo plays the role of a female college student in ‘Snowdrop’

In Disney+ and JTBC’s K-drama, Jisoo stars as Eun Young-ro, a bubby and bright freshman at an all-female university. According to Soompi, Jisoo explained, “I was nervous because this is a field I’m trying for the first time, but once I was doing it on set, it felt like I had become Young Ro.”

She stars alongside D.P. actor Jung who plays the role of Im Soo-ho. The K-drama is a mixture of drama and a North-South Korean love story. Set in 1987, a pivotal year in the history of South Korea, Young-ro meets Soo-ho on a blind date, and it is instant love.

But Young-ro never expected meeting Soo-ho would drastically change her life. When the government is looking for a North Korean spy, Young-ro finds Im-soo wounded in her dorm room. She helps hide him believing he is a protestor. An act of kindness lands hers, the students, and Soo-hoo in political turmoil.

Jisoo is not scheduled to star in a new K-drama after ‘Snowdrop’


‘Snowdrop’: Jung Hae-in Got Two Hours of Sleep to Prepare for His K-Drama Role

Jisoo has astounded fans with her natural acting talent on Snowdrop. Many agree she and Jung have undeniable chemistry on and off set. According to AllKPop, fans want to see Jisoo and Jung star in a romantic comedy.

At Snowdrop’s press conference, Jung praised his co-star, saying,” Acting is something you create together with the opposite person, but she was so considerate and would immediately understand and implement directions from the director for scenes we were filming together, which is not easy.”

Despite Jisoo receiving praise from fans and the cast, she has not announced her involvement in future projects. After all, she is one of the K-Pop industry’s top female idols. But Jisoo does admit she would like to work with Jung in the future after Snowdrop.

Jung Hae-in stars in a new K-drama by Japanese director

While Jisoo may not have set plans to continue her acting career after Snowdrop, Jung is already filming a new project. According to Soompi, Jung stars as the leading character in Connect by Takashi Miike. His character’s name is unknown, but the drama synopsis sounds intriguing.

Jung plays the role of a man whose part of his body was stolen by organ hunters. Connect follows the character’s journey and relation to the person who received his organs. On Jung’s Instagram, he posted photos of the surprise coffee truck gifted to him by Jisoo and the cast of Snowdrop.

They personally delivered the truck to Jung on set so he and the crew could enjoy a steaming cup of coffee and churros. Fans even see a behind-the-scenes photo of Jisoo taking pictures of Jung.