‘Snowfall’: DeRay Davis Reacts to Tweets About Peaches’ Fate

Who robbed Franklin Saint? That was one of the biggest questions throughout the fifth season of Snowfall, FX’s hit series about a crack-cocaine drug dealer in 1980s Los Angeles. Peaches was suspected from the beginning, but no one wanted to believe it. However, it was eventually revealed that he had, in fact, stolen the money and fled. Now, DeRay Davis, who stars in Snowfall as Peaches, is reacting as fans continue to share their thoughts on what happened.

DeRay Davis, who appears on 'Snowfall' as Peaches, poses for a photo in a black suit on the red carpet at an event for the show
DeRay Davis | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

What happened to Peaches in ‘Snowfall’

Viewers were first introduced to Peaches in Snowfall Season 2. Jerome (Amin Joseph) met him in the war and brought him on to work as Franklin’s (Damson Idris) bodyguard and enforcer. He was out sick the day that Franklin got attacked, which Aunt Louie (Angela Lewis) questioned immediately.

Franklin initially defended him because he’d seen him with the sniffles days earlier. But when Franklin learned money was also missing, he realized it was Peaches, as he was the only other person who knew where it was being kept. Peaches had apparently gotten hooked on drugs and fled in fear of being killed like Rob, whom Franklin murdered after he got strung out on cocaine.

DeRay Davis reacted to tweets about Peaches on ‘Snowfall’

Though DeRay did not address exactly what happened to Peaches, he did react to fans commenting on it.

He retweeted one post from a fan wanting to see more of Peaches. “Another episode and no Peaches 🤬🤬 Really #Snowfallfx 🤔,” read the post. “Y’all just not gonna tell us wtf Peaches is at 😡🙄 @DamsonIdris @DeRayDavis I would like to speak to the manager 🗣”

When fans saw him online, many reacted with excitement. “There you are Peaches!! We been worried about you!” one tweet read in part. DeRay responded to that with a post joking that Peaches is now “for hire” now that he’s no longer working for Franklin.

Whether he’ll appear again is a mystery, but it doesn’t seem likely. Once the Saints found out he’d left the country, they figured they had little chances of ever seeing him again and decided to stop looking.

Next season on the show

By the end of the season, Franklin had become estranged from almost everyone else, as Louie and Jerome broke away from him to create their own empire.

Series co-creator and showrunner Dave Andron said that those storylines, of course, will carry over into Snowfall Season 6.

“I think this last season, the story has to ultimately be a tragedy, and this last season is going to feel, I think, a little heavier,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “The last two seasons I think you can feel the moments when we’re trying to have things have a lighter touch, and then the last two episodes settle into a very specific tone. And I think the last season is going to be more represented by that tone.”

The release date for Snowfall Season 6 is still unclear, but FX has confirmed that it’ll be back in 2023. Stay tuned.