‘Snowfall’ Season 3 Episode 6: ‘Confessions’ Recap

Previously on Snowfall Season 3, Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Menchata) killed the DEA Agent, Soledad (Adriana DeGirolami), and Teddy (Carter Hudson) helped get rid of her body. Also, the Columbian drug lord, Rigo, stopped the drops until Teddy got him a club.

In Franklin’s (Damson Idris) neighborhood, some girls jumped Melody (Reign Edwards) because of her father’s involvement in the several drug raids. In retaliation of the raids and police mistreatment, Aunt Louie (Angela Lewis) paid a girl to rob Andre (Marcus Henderson) of his badge and gun. She then delivered it to Franklin, who still doesn’t know what to with it.

Convinced Franklin is behind it, Andre plotted to find out where he lived to get his revenge. On Snowfall Season 3 Episode 6, Gustavo purchased a business for his drug route. Additionally, Soledad’s partner, Marino (Scott Subiono), believes she is dead and knows all about Teddy McDonald, the last person she met before disappearing.

What else happened? Keep reading to find out.

Snowfall Season 3 Episode 6
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JULY 08: Damson Idris (L) and Michael Hyatt | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Melody and her dad found themselves on the other side of the law

Without his gun and badge, Andre has been spending a lot of time at the bar and fighting with his daughter to get out of her room. He asked another cop to find information about Franklin. However, all his dealings came back legit and everything he has is registered to his mother’s house.

Unable to nail him, Andre attempted to follow Franklin’s car at night. But, he got pulled over by cops who didn’t know who he was without his badge. After they threw him out of his car and banged him up a little bit, they realized his identity and made fun of his situation.

After the girls in her neighborhood jumped her, Melody didn’t want to leave her room and go to school. She refused to tell her dad what happened, so he threatened to take away the funding for her to go to Spellman University. Initially, she pretended not to care and claimed she didn’t want to go anyways.

However, after talking to her best friend, she realized she’s lucky to get the opportunity to attend college, so she changed her mind. She told her dad she wanted to leave the following day after she went to a house party. While dancing with a guy at the party, she decided she wanted to take it a step further, so they went to look for a room.

Instead, they found someone in the bathroom smoking crack. Melody then accepted his offer to participate, and her first hit looked eerily similar to Leon’s ex-girlfriend and now crack addict, Wanda (Gail Bean).

Franklin discovered the real Reed Thompson

Cissy (Michael Hyatt) told Franklin’s father, Alton (Kevin Carroll), about Franklin’s connect, Reed Thompson, also known as Teddy McDonald, and how he could be affiliated with the government. He then warned Franklin to be careful because they have history of using people in their neighborhood and then killing them when they don’t provide value anymore.

Therefore, Franklin began researching the CIA and their dirty dealings and had dinner with him. He also had Avi (Alon Aboutboul) gather everything he could about Reed, and found out that Matt (Jonathan Tucker), the pilot, is actually Reed’s brother.

Avi also provided Franklin a manila envelope filled with information including his past work in Taiwan, his real name, and his profession, a CIA agent. Alton also told Franklin about his cousin he had to kill because everyone found out he was a police informant in the Black Panthers.

He said he didn’t want the members of the organization torturing him, so he shot himself to protect him from a worse death. Ultimately, Alton doesn’t want the same for his son. How will the Saints use this information to their advantage? Keep watching Snowfall Wednesdays at 10 P.M. EST on FX!