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Previously in Snowfall, Mel (Reign Edwards) tried crack at a party and became addicted after a 15-hour binge. Also, Jules (Peta Sergeant) offered Teddy (Carter Hudson) his family and old life back if he stopped his operations, and he has yet to give her a straight answer. Additionally, after Andre vowed to stop Franklin (Damson Idris) from bringing drugs into their neighborhood, their war is finally over.

What happened? Keep reading to find out.

Snowfall Season 3 Episode 8
Actor Damson Idris | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Mel’s crack addiction worsened

Snowfall Season 3 Episode 8 began with Mel caught in a cycle of smoking crack in her room and sneaking out to buy more. She then began selling everything she owned, and her dad attempted to thwart her efforts by nailing boards over her bedroom window.

However, Mel eventually removed them, and left home again, but didn’t return. Franklin saw Andre (Marcus Henderson) outside smoking a cigarette and knew his former love ran away to a crackhouse. Eventually, he found Mel trying to buy drugs off one of his men because they paged Franklin about her whereabouts.

He arrived and tried to convince Mel to go back home and get help. However, she kneed him in his private area in front of everyone, embarrassing him, telling him to leave her alone. Franklin then finally decided to walk away from Mel for good.

Jules ruined Teddy’s operation

After Teddy made it clear that he was not willing to walk away from his mission, Jules compared them to hedgehogs saying they couldn’t live with each other or without. She then went to Andre’s house and gave him Franklin’s address.

Additionally, the Colombian drug lord, Rigo (Christian Tappan), called Teddy to a house lined in plastic, where he waited for the CIA agent with a chainsaw. Rigo has a mole in the DEA who informed him that the agency was coming after him after Soledad’s partner, Tony (Scott Subiono), found information linking the deceased agent and Rigo together.

Teddy revealed his identity to the Colombian drug lord and took him to his office, where he sends the money to the Contras. He then called Franklin, Avi (Alon Aboutboul), and Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and told them to get out of town and lay low because their operation had been compromised.

After confronting Jules, she admitted the agency sent her there to learn about his operation and end it. Even though she offered him the opportunity to walk away and still have his family again, Teddy called his ex-wife a traitor and affirmed that he would salvage his operation.

The war between Franklin and Andre came to an end in ‘Snowfall’ Season 3 Episode 8

After Jules gave Franklin’s address to Andre, he broke into the drug dealer’s house, looking for his gun and badge. Although he couldn’t find it, he settled for a folder of information detailing Franklin’s operations with Teddy. The officer called his partner over to his house and reviewed the data with him.

After realizing that Franklin was directly working with the CIA, Andre wanted to go to his station with the information, but his partner advised him against exposing the agency. Instead, he wants to use it to put Franklin behind bars for life potentially.

Later that night, after doing some thinking, Franklin realized Andre is the one who stole his paperwork. Franklin snuck into his neighbor’s house and held Andre’s police-issued gun to his head as he demanded the cop to sit down.

Then, he gave Andre a choice to leave town. However, the cop promised he would always come after Franklin. After gathering his documents, Franklin shot Andre in the head, and then put the gun in his hand to stage a suicide. Fans of the show seemed shocked because Franklin generally makes logical and “good” decisions. Watch Snowfall Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.