Who Is Soccer Star Phil Foden’s Girlfriend Rebecca Cooke?

Phil Foden plays soccer for the Premier League club Manchester City as well as the England national team. When all eyes turned to the World Cup in Qatar, fans from all over had questions about the young star who has become one of the best players in the game.

Here’s more on Foden and his longtime girlfriend, Rebecca Cooke, including how many children they have and what happened when the two had a private spat in public.

Manchester City's midfielder Phil Foden celebrates scoring the 1-2 goal during the UEFA Champions League quarter-final
Phil Foden celebrates scoring the 1-2 goal during the UEFA Champions League quarter-final | WOLFGANG RATTAY/AFP via Getty Images

When Foden and Cooke met

Cooke and Foden were both born in 2000 in the town of Stockport, England. Like Foden, his girlfriend has one sibling as well–a younger sister.

The couple reportedly met in high school and began dating. However, the exact year they got together is unclear. Today, they live together in a $2 million mansion in an affluent area of Manchester called Bramhall. Foden’s parents, Phil Sr. and Claire, also live there. Neighbors said they have seen Foden and Cooke out and about several times in Manchester but they mostly keep to themselves.

Cooke is a very private person. Even though she’s been in a relationship with the star for years, she tries to keep out of the spotlight and her social media accounts are set to private. There was a recent incident though where a private matter between the couple made international news.

The couple made headlines after their public fight at a beach

In June 2022, while vacationing in Greece, the pair were escorted off a beach at a Corfu resort for arguing loudly.

Another person at the Glyfada Beach caught the incident on video. The clip which made the rounds on Twitter, shows the pair being led up the steps by two bouncers as Cooke yelled at the Man City star: “Do you think I’m a d***head?” and “We can’t take you anywhere because this always happens!”

In the video, Foden did not yell anything back at Cooke but witnesses said they were having it out on the beach after Cooke looked at his phone. It is believed the soccer pro was taking pictures with other women.

Cheating allegations have plagued the couple in the past. The most notable was in 2020 when Foden and teammate Mason Greenwood were sent home from international duty after sneaking two Icelandic females into the team’s hotel, which was in violation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) rules. One of those ladies, a make-up artist named Lara Clausen, claimed she slept with Foden earlier that evening.

How many children Foden and Cooke have together


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Foden and Cooke have two children together.

They welcomed their first child, a son Ronnie, in January 2019 when they were just 18 years old. In April 2021, Cooke and Foden announced that they were expecting their second child–a daughter. In July, Cooke was spotted out for the first time with their little one. They have yet to reveal the baby girl’s name.