Social Media Is Gushing Over Morris Chestnut But Who Is His Wife, Pam Byse?

Morris Chestnut is trending on social media and it’s not because of a new role. The Best Man star has women across all platforms gushing over how gorgeous he is. Chestnut has been a Hollywood hunk for over two decades. Despite women vying for his attention, he’s been a happily married man for over 20 years. His wife, Pam Byse, is always by his side.

Pam Byse and Morris Chesnut
Pam Byse and Morris Chestnut 2016

Social media gushes over Morris Chestnut

The California native made his acting debut in the John Singleton directed film Boyz In The Hood in 1991 when he was just 22-years-old. Since then, Chesnut has starred in dozens of film and television roles, typically as the leading man. Though he’s been in the game for so long, his looks have not changed. 

Chestnut began trending on Twitter and Instagram with fans admiring his looks. Fans began weighing in on how beautifully Chestnut has aged over the years. Some have even deemed July 8 as Morris Chesnut Day.

“Happy Morris Chestnut appreciation day. That man been fine since forever,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

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“I’m here for the Morris Chestnut appreciation. It’s the skin, teeth, eyes & that smile can melt all of your blues away…he’s the type of man that looks sexy just sitting eating a sandwich & you want him to eat the sandwich cause you made it just for his fine ass,” wrote another.

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“It’s ok y’all Morris Chestnut is trending cause he fine ass hell. Nothings wrong he ain’t do nothing but be fine for no damn reason and make people want to lick on him. I’m people,” another chimed in.

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Morris revealed on Live with Kelly & Ryan that his youthful looks are attributed to staying fit and active. 

Who is Morris Chestnut’s wife, Pam Byse-Chestnut?

While he’s known as the leading man in most of his roles, Chestnut is taken in real life. He has been married to Pam Byse since 1995 and together, they have two children. The two allegedly met at an Atlanta nightclub.

Pam accompanies her husband to most red carpet events and though she remains out of the spotlight, Chestnut has professed his love for his wife throughout the years.

“When I met my wife, there were a lot of qualities I was paying attention to,” Chestnut told Essence Magazine, according to a 2016 tribute piece to the longtime couple. “I knew that she would be a great mother just for how she cared for her nephew and her family. She respected her mother and she respected her family and those were some of the initial qualities that I saw that I thought would make her a great partner.”

Source: Instagram

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As for what has made their relationship stand the test of time, especially as Chestnut navigates life in Hollywood, he told Essence that it’s a basic principle: respect.

“I have been with my wife for a number of years now and the number one thing that keeps us strong is a mutual respect; that is first and foremost,” he said in a 2014 interview.

Chestnut hasn’t commented on all of the social media love but judging by his lengthy marriage, his wife has nothing to worry about.