‘Solar Opposites’ Season 2 Release Date: Here’s When Hulu’s Animated Sci-Fi Show Returns

Hulu’s Solar Opposites premiered last year and quickly found a devoted following that was hungry for content in the early days of the pandemic. Hailing from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and former writer Mike McMahan, the series has a lot in common with that massively popular Adult Swim series while also carving out its own niche in important ways.

The series was initially picked up by Hulu for two seasons, which presumably allowed the production to hit the ground running after the success of Season 1. The first trailer for the next round of crazed alien adventures now how has a teaser trailer, which reveals the release date.

[CONTENT WARNING: The trailer is as vulgar as the series itself, so careful not to watch at work, around kids, or at work with your kids around, since that’s what we’re all doing these days.]

‘Solar Opposites’ season 2 will return to Hulu in a few months

Solar Opposites
Solar Opposites. | FOX

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The first teaser for Season 2 of Solar Opposites features what feels like an entire short scene. In it, Korvo (Roiland) celebrates as the “family” prepares to leave Earth on their newly repaired ship. Things, naturally, don’t go to plan and the ship crashes back on top of their house, creating some brutal collateral damage for their neighbors. In a meta moment, the characters lament that they’ve lost progress and are back to where they were a year ago, i.e., back to the status quo of Season 1.

The clip also confirms that the zany animated series will return to Hulu on March 26. Just like the first season, all eight episodes will drop at the same time. Hulu shows usually become available at 3:00 a.m. Alongside Roiland, Thomas Middlemitch, Sean Giambrone, and Mary Mack will also return as the other members of the Solar Opposites thrown-together family, Terry, Yumyulack, and Jesse.

Fans can count on more of the Hulu series going forward

hulu solar opposites
Hulu’s animated series ‘Solar Opposites.’ | Fox

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Since it was initially picked up for two seasons, Hulu’s renewal of Solar Opposites following the success of Season 1 bought the show’s order up to three seasons. Given that the first two seasons were likely being worked on very close together, fans should be ready for a slightly longer wait time for Season 3’s release date, likely around summer 2022.

The series follows the misfit alien family unit as they hide out on Earth following the destruction of their home planet, Shlorp. While the rest of the group, and Terry, in particular, embrace life on Earth, the much more dire Korvo despises it and does everything in his power to leave as soon as possible.

Like Rick and Morty before it, Solar Opposites tackles wildly inventive sci-fi concepts through the lens of traditional American sitcom tropes and plotlines. Unlike its forebear, the series is a little more limited in the scale of its futuristic antics and often puts more focus on the family dynamic, which is something that can tend to take a backseat in Rick and Morty.