Some ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spinoffs Will Only Be Available on Discovery+ and Fans Are Not Happy

While some shows have slowed down production during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 90 Day Fiancé has added a number of shows to their roster. The powerhouse franchise has found a way to produce several shows while its castmembers stay home and quarantine. But now, some of those shows may not be viewable to a large amount of the franchise’s fan base.

Ryan and Stephanie on '90 Day Fiancé'
Ryan and Stephanie on ’90 Day Fiancé’ | TLC

The tell-alls are moving to Discovery +

Each season, fans watch 90 Day Fiancé and wait for the Tell-All. The Tell-All reunion special is the one place that all of the cast members from the show can come and air out their grievances and give their sides of the story. But this season of The Other Way, there hasn’t been a Tell All. That may be because TLC has produced a new show that is like an extreme Tell-All called 90 Day Fiancé Bares All and unfortunately, it will only be available on Discovery +.

“This is the space where we are showing you every single thing that we could not show you on regular TV,” Tell-All host Shaun Robinson told Entertainment Tonight. “There’s so many things — video, certain confrontations, language, body parts — that we can’t show you on regular TV, but we can show them here. Bares All is basically that — we are taking everything and, not that they were left on the cutting room floor, these parts are really juicy, but because of the rules, we could not show you there. Here, we can show you absolutely everything, so Bares All is the perfect title for this show.”

This new version of the Tell All will also feature past cast members like Pillow Talk vets Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim, who were let go from TLC. The two have rarely spoken since Myers claimed that Hashim tried to get him fired from the show. Bares All will show their reunion.

It will also show Brittany Banks from The Other Way confronting her ex Yazan and his family.

“We knew from the beginning that that was a dead end street. We knew,” Robinson said of Banks and Yazan’s romance. “You’re going to see the confrontation between Brittany, Yazan and his family. His family goes after Brittany, it is so explosive. But let me tell you something, Brittany is holding her own, OK? She’s got some receipts that she said she is going to show and she does show them, so it’s wild. It’s so wild.”

Fans are not happy about Discovery +

When fans got wind that the Tell-All required a subscription to a new streaming service, many were not happy.

“It looks like TLC is going to paywall parts of their franchises,” one Reddit user wrote. “I guess these companies don’t realize we are not going to sign up for 6-12 streaming services at the same time.”

Many felt like TLC was just trying to get more money out of them.


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“TLC is harvesting the American dollar!” another person commented on the thread.

Others were determined to find a way around paying for another streaming service.

“Me and my family will wait till the episodes have been released then each sign up for the free trials and just binge them,” another person said.