Some ‘A Million Little Things’ Fans Think Maggie Should Forget Gary and Move On — Here’s Why

A Million Little Things revolves around a core group of friends navigating complicated relationships. At the center of one such storyline is a lopsided love triangle involving Maggie, Gary, and newcomer, Darcy. While many fans are rooting for Mags and Gary to reconcile, there is a growing camp of shippers who would prefer to see a different outcome.

'A Million Little Things'
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Some shippers think Gary and Darcy are ‘A Million Little Things’ next super couple

“Gary and Maggie have run their course,” tweeted a Gary and Darcy shipper, who echoes what many other fans are saying. Although the couple started strong in season 1, they fizzled and ended up in the Friend Zone by the end of season 2.

Maggie attempted to recapture the spark in the finale, but Gary had already moved on happily with Darcy. And based on the Twitter chatter, Mags’ constant wavering during season 2 may have worn out the patience of many viewers who, like Gary, have closed the chapter on the formerly hot relationship.

The Maggie-Gary combo has too much drama in it that it seems issues would always resurface. Both of them need a fresh start,” declared a fan.

And to put it bluntly, yet another follower wrote, I love Gary and Darcy. Bye, Maggie.”

What does the showrunner say about Maggie, Gary, and Darcy’s love triangle?

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Fans have their own opinions about how the plot should unfold. But A Million Little Things creator and showrunner, DJ Nash teased that the characters still have a lot of soul-searching to do. He told Deadline this about the evolution of Maggie and Gary’s relationship:

“When we talked last season, I said that this whole season for them would be them trying to figure out what their life is without cancer, and it caused them to break up. There was the psychic, there was Eric, there was a bunch of things that led to her needing to figure out who she is without cancer, and as Gary said, I need to figure out who I am without you.

As they take this journey —  she goes to Oxford for a year — they’re doing the necessary work to figure out who they are. So, while he is with Darcy, and I think that’s going to be fun to play out, and to see that relationship, I think there’s a bond between Maggie and Gary that is stronger than it’s been in a long time.”

When will ‘A Million Little Things’ return?

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“Hi, DJ,” a curious fan tweeted, “Is there an official season 3 premiere date yet? We Millionaires need something positive to look forward to! Stay Safe!”

Ever since A Million Little Things was renewed for season 3, the audience has been clamoring for an air date. Alas, the broadcast plans are currently up in the air. Still, Nash dished some promising news on Twitter, writing, “No official word, but we start shooting in late August.” With the assurance that production is scheduled to begin in late summer, fans have flooded Twitter with comments in anticipation of the 2020-2021 broadcast season.

“Awesome! I can hardly wait to see what kind of emotional roller coaster you’re constructing for us this season,” gushed a follower. And if strong emotions are what fans are craving, the audience may be in luck. Nash dished that the season premiere script is finished, and viewers just may need tissues.

“[Michelle Leibel] and I finished writing the premiere today,” Nash tweeted, “So Eddie’s fate has been determined. I promise you the episode will make you cry.”

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