Some Fans Are Convinced the MCU Ruined Drax’s Character

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Drax is one of the most beloved characters in Guardians of the GalaxyHe is funny and lovable but doesn’t have much fight in him, which has fans of the MCU wondering if the big guy has done anything useful to prove himself in a fight. 

Marvel Comics portrays Drax the Destroyer as an unstoppable force that doesn’t resist the chance to rip someone’s head off or use his knives for an intense battle. In the movie version, Drax seems to get pushed to the side and is never seen in any brutal fight scenes.

Marvel fans recently discussed on Reddit how different the two characters are and how frustrated they are by the “walking joke” that Drax appears to be in the MCU. It has left them wondering if his character has been ruined.

Everyone seemed to agree that they wanted to see Drax as a tougher, meaner character and not the one that is put in front of us on the big screen for comic relief.

Comic book Drax

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

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The character of Drax is described by Marvel Comics as an unstoppable force. Created by Kronos to destroy Thanos, he stops the Annihilation Wave and saves the universe. Drax has the soul of Arthur Douglas, a California jazz musician who sought revenge after Thanos killed his family.

Originally appearing as a skinny green man with a purple cloak, his looks have morphed over the years.

He is best known now for being a green shirtless superhero with huge bulging muscles and tattoos. Drax originally had the power of flight and used his telepathic abilities to be able to know when Thanos was in his realm.

Over the years, his powers have changed. He is still incredibly strong but has lost his power of flight. The most recent comics portray Drax as a master-class fighter that uses dual blades to combat his enemies.

During one of his intense brutal battles, Drax suffered a brain injury that creates a childlike personality. This seems to be the character trait that MCU ran with.

The MCU character portrayal of Drax

Dave Bautista brings the character of Drax to life in the MCU movies of Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers. Instead of a fierce combat fighter, Drax has been transformed into a lovable tattooed superhero whose biggest strength seems to be comedic relief, according to

Keeping with the comic book plotline, Drax’s family is killed by Ronan the Accuser. Drax spends the rest of his days seeking revenge on Thanos, who orchestrated the murder. While he still carries the rage, his character now shows a gentler side as he interacts with his newfound galactic friends.

Fans agreed that the MCU writing for the Drax character is brilliant, despite it wavering from his comic book personality. Some viewers think it may have been an artistic decision to tame down Drax’s character so that he would be funnier and more likable. It’s hard to like a character that is “ripping people apart.”

Others believe that MCU already has a huge cast and just didn’t have the room for further character development with Drax. 

Fans think the MCU Drax character is useless

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Fans acknowledge that the MCU movie portrayal of most characters is usually very different from the comics. On a recent Reddit forum, fans discussed their disdain for how the character of Drax evolved onto the big screen.

Fans recalled how the comic book Drax ripped the heart out of Thanos and took on an entire  army by himself. In the movies, his legendary knife skills never come to life, leaving fans feeling disappointed. One person noted, “It sucks to see how powerful Drax is in the comics and the walking joke he is in the MCU.”

Another fan referred to him as “one of the poorest MCU adaptations.”

Fans agree that they were looking for more “bad*** moments” from Drax. They wanted more head ripping action that he is known for in the comics.

As much as they appreciated his advice-giving, they really wanted to see Drax complain a whole lot less about his sensitive nipples. One Reddit user summed up the feeling of most fans saying, “He’s basically a walking meme in the movies, only good for jokes, and I hate it!”