Some Fans Believe the Kardashians Are Terrified of Losing All Their Money

Nothing lasts forever. That’s just as true in the entertainment business as it is everywhere else. Sure, there are timeless stars. But there are way more one hit wonders, and stars whose fame fades over time.

When it comes to the Kardashians, it may seem like they’ve been famous for long enough that they’ll never fade from the public eye. But their show, Keeping Up with the Kardashiansseems past it’s prime in recent days. It’s been on for more than 10 years, and with prominent cast members like Kourtney Kardashian jumping ship, it’s days seem numbered. Fans wonder if some of the family members are worried about what they’ll do next. 

Fans think Khloé Kardashian is afraid of losing her money for this reason

Khloé Kardashian isn’t a stranger to paid Instagram posts. She and her sisters do them all the time. But her latest sponsored post have fans on Reddit roasting Khloé. She is now doing posts for Febreze, an odor-eliminating spray. It’s safe to say Khloé has probably never used the product. She has cleaning staff, and even when she was younger her family had enough money for a cleaning service. 

The Kardashians make a lot of money from their sponsored Instagram posts. Companies sometimes pay them more than $1 million dollars to post about their products. That’s a lot of cash, but a cleaning product is very off-brand for Khloé. It’s left fans thinking she is afraid of losing all her money. 

Fans think the Kardashians’ days are numbered 

A show can only be on for so long. Even die-hard fans of KUWTK are getting a little bored of the show. Some think it has one or two seasons left at most before E! pulls the plug. Fans suspect Khloé is “desperate” for additional income sources. She and her sisters don’t have much going on aside from their show. Khloé has her Good American brand, but without the show she won’t have a platform to promote it. 

As one fan put it,  “They have no idea when their fame bubble will pop. Their lifestyle isn’t sustainable without major money coming in.” Some fans think that the excess of sponsored posts, especially from Khloé, means that the Kardashians are already hard up for cash.

Khloé may be desperate for money to maintain her lifestyle, but her sister Kim has a different idea of what the future holds. 

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner
Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, and Kendall Jenner | Kevin Tachman/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has said she won’t be famous in 10 years 

While Khloé may be stressing out about what’s next in her career, her sister Kim is not. She has a solid 10-year plan. She’s currently in law school, and plans on becoming a BAR certified attorney. She already hopes to give up fame sometime in the near future to focus on her law career. 

Kim and Kanye have more than enough money to retire and live off of their investments. They have a net worth of around $350 million. The Kardashians all live expensive lifestyles, so without new money coming in they may have to cut back a little. 

However, if Kim does become a lawyer, she could end up making a lot of money in a professional setting. Her father was wealthy, and a lot of that cash came from his successful law practice. Kim could build her own firm, and make millions. Robert Kardashian Sr. left his children $100 million when he passed away. Kim and her siblings have built off of their inheritance. If Kim replicates her father’s success in the law field, she could end up leaving her kids even more.