Some Fans Couldn’t Believe That Martha Stewart Had a Manual Aston Martin

Martha Stewart, to some, is the epitome of cool and sets a standard of success well beyond the homemaker role. Whether she’s cooking with Snoop Dog, or driving around talking cars with Jay Leno, she surprises fans with her diverse interests and knowledge.

It’s like she’s the MacGyver of kitchen and lifestyle, and there’s not much she can’t do or innovate. It was not a surprise to us to learn she was the proud owner of a manual transmission Aston Martin. But some fans couldn’t believe the soft-spoken, master of home and garden, would drive one, let alone, own one.

A successful career and brand name

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Martha Stewart has built a well-known brand and, despite a few setbacks, has a long and successful career history. She’s America’s first self-made, female billionaire.

She has carved out a space and made a name for herself across a variety of niches including, television personality stardom, cookbook author fame, and savvy entrepreneur businesswoman. Over the years, she’s earned recognition from TIME magazine as one of “America’s Top 25 Most Influential People.”

She also landed on People magazine’s list of “50 Most Beautiful People in the World.” According to Money Inc., Martha Stewart’s net worth in 2019 was $640 million.

Martha Stewart’s many career titles

In addition to her public titles and recognition, Martha Stewart has held many successful career titles as well. She was once a model to earn money for her college education and posed for clients, including Unilever and Chanel. She spent time as a stockbroker.

It was her early interest in watching the iconic Julia Child, that piqued her interest in taking to a life of cuisine and mastery in the kitchen. Stewart told Maclean’s in an interview that she cooked every recipe in Julia Child’s volumes of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”

Everything she touches turns to gold

Martha Stewart doesn’t casually approach any of her goals. She has developed an entire way of life, by diving in and owning her passions, talents, and business objectives.

By the time she published her first book, she had her own show on television, “Martha Stewart Living.” Her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, once launched for public offering in 2000, made Martha Stewart an overnight billionaire. It’s as if everything Stewart touches then turns to gold, and genius success.

Fans couldn’t believe her car collection included a manual Aston Martin

When Martha Stewart shared an Instagram post with her behind the wheel of her manual transmission Aston Martin DB9, some fans were surprised. She was venturing out to deliver eggs to a friend and opted for some James Bond-style transportation to do so.

The DB9 is a more modern take of the Aston design that was produced between 2003 and 2016. Ian Callum brought the style to this popular model, with its aluminum platform that carried through later Aston models to come. Those who continue to own these cars love them. And Martha Stewart was happy to blow the dust off of hers in breaking it out of its carport.

Martha Stewart has certainly innovated in a variety of industries over the years and serves as an icon for successful women. She continues to be engaging with her fans and diversifies her audiences. With her recent drive to deliver eggs to a friend, in her manual Aston Martin, she demonstrates her ability to be a thoughtful and friendly celeb.

And she is super cool doing it. Some fans seemed surprised that Stewart owned and could drive a manual transmission. But for many, nothing is surprising about what Martha Stewart can do.