‘Some Good News’: Some Viewers Have an Issue With John Krasinski’s Intro

The Office‘s John Krasinski has taken quarantine entertainment to an entirely new level. On May 3, Krasinski hosted virtual graduation for the Class of 2020. A sweet gesture, yes, but first, he had some immediate criticism to address. 

Some viewers have taken issue with the way Krasinski handles the intro to his web series, Some Good News. Find out what aspect of the introduction audiences have a problem with.  

'Some Good News' John Krasinskii
John Krasinski | YouTube

‘SGN’ gives audiences a laugh

Krasinski started to crowd-source information on social media in March 2020. Fans weren’t sure what he was up to at first, but they quickly learned that Krasinski was searching for positive stories to be featured in his new web series, Some Good News

Since then, the show has become a source of positivity for the world to enjoy. Each week, Krasinski shares amusing heartwarming tales and often features celebrity guests like Ryan Reynolds, Steve Carell, and Brad Pitt. 

‘Some Good News’ changes the intro every week 

According to the Some Good News Twitter account, the online series features a different introduction each week. “We love changing our intro,” read one tweet, followed by another that clarified: “We change a little part of it every week! We will still have the earth spinning, but we always add something extra.” 

Ironically, the spinning globe — or the part of the intro that remains constant — is what has many viewers have an issue with! 

Fans have a problem with the way John Krasinski spins a globe  

“Just when I thought being five episodes in we were really hitting our stride and pretty much immune to any semblance of criticism, along comes the internet and says ‘Hi, remember me?'” Krasinski said in the opening of the 2020 graduation episode.

He then read what one viewer wrote: “I’m a big, big fan. Though you’re spinning the globe the wrong direction in your opening.” 

Krasinski continued to review similar comments from viewers, including one that came in from a science teacher. “LOVE the show,” Elliot M. wrote. “Some GREAT news for me would be (pretty please) if the globe spun the correct direction (counter-clockwise looking from above). Aren’t science teachers so ANNOYING?!?”

Only a few fans were what Krasinski described as “passive-aggressive.” Greg Howell tweeted, “Did the astronauts happen to mention that you’re spinning the globe the wrong way?” In an episode of SGN, Krasinski had members of NASA’s International Space Station as visitors. Eliot M. had something to say about the direction of the spinning globe regarding that episode, too. 

With a twinge of sarcasm, Krasinski finally announced the tweet that broke the levy — Melanie M’s submission that read: “I can’t stand it anymore! The fate of our world is resting in your hands! Correct the rotational spin of the globe in the opening credits of SGN! Earth’s oceans and weather patterns depend on you!” joked the fan. 

These tweets are seemingly harmless and made in good fun. Howell followed up his original tweet, presumably after seeing it used in the episode. ” Hey, man, no offense intended!” Howell added. “Just pointing out something you may not have been aware of in a way I thought might by humorous. We love your show.” 

“Though the bluster was more than slightly hurtful, the message was received loud and clear,” Krasinski concluded in jest. Then, he rolled footage of a new intro for SGN that combined science with fan-made art. Stay tuned to Some Good News to see if Krasinski ever decides to spin the globe the correct way.