Some ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Hated Minnick So Much They Just Sort of Forgot She Existed

Grey’s Anatomy is famous for several things, from its complex characters to developed storylines. It is perhaps one of the most compelling dramas in television history and the moments rarely make for dull scenes. 

Over the years, the show has introduced various characters, with some finding favor with fans while others receiving the villain label. In season 13, Grey’s Anatomy added another anti-hero character who immediately had fans frothing with rage. Eliza Minnick made fans so angry that they sort of forgot she even existed on the show.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Minnick, the doctor everyone loved to hate

Fans first got acquainted with Minnick in season 13 when she joined Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to revamp the residency program. When she got to the hospital, she assessed the its culture and informed Miranda Bailey that she was considering working there,

While still new to Grey Sloan Memorial, she rearranged the surgical schedule to try and be as involved with most of the surgeries as possible. However, the attendings weren’t having it and decided to sideline her. She especially didn’t start on a good note with Richard Webber as the latter felt Minnick was overstepping.

Many residents found her attempt to exercise control and power over the hospital as extreme. Her questionable ethics with patients quickly turned her into the villain. She also started pursuing a romantic relationship with a fan-favorite resident, Arizona Robbins.

Despite her season-long antagonist storyline, Grey’s Anatomy attempted to humanize Minnick using her involvement with Arizona. After rubbing shoulders with several of the doctors at Grey Sloan and making bad calls, Bailey got tired and fired her. After her firing, Minnick refused to talk to Arizona, moved out of the apartment, and ghosted her.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans hated Minnick so much they forgot she existed

Minnick was the character that people were supposed to hate, and it showed from the moment she set foot in Grey Sloan Memorial. Many fans on Reddit talked about how they couldn’t stand Minnick for a second. Although there are many characters on the show that fans hate, they quickly described Minnick as the worst character ever.

When one fan asked what others thought was the worst plotline of the show, Reddit users quickly gave the various plots they found shallow. One fan wrote “Rebecca Pope”, to which another replied, “literally the whiniest, most annoying character aside from Eliza. There was absolutely no point.”

This fan’s comment seemed to open up a Minnick hate train as others quickly chimed in. One user replied, “I completely forgot who Minnick is, but upon Googling her character, all I know is that I hate her. Lmao”. One fan even made a list of the plots they didn’t like and concluded it with Minnick’s name, while another said, “Izzie and George hooking up & Eliza Minnick are the two that come to mind for me.”

Minnick’s storyline wasn’t the only one fans had an issue with

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In the same conversation, fans had a safe space to reveal which other plotlines they found uninteresting. Some of the responses included the “pick me, choose me, love me” speech by Meredith to Derek, the Ghost Denny storyline, the plane crash plot, and the events afterward.

Others felt that the show had fixed an unnecessary storyline involving Meredith and Cristina fighting over a printer. One user wrote, “Cristina and Meredith “fight.” Honestly, I don’t know where that came from and how it lasted that long.” Another user responded with, “I also hated the Mer/Cristina fight in season 10, a waste considering it was Sandra’s final season.” One fan even called out the musical episode in season seven.