Some ‘Love Island USA’ Fans Defend Isaiah After Tweet Drama, ‘He Never Said That’

Some Love Island USA fans don’t like Isaiah Campbell. But others are defending him from an accusation made that he compared Sydney Paight’s natural beauty to someone else’s.

​​[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for ‘Love Island USA’ Season 4 Episode 31.] 

Isaiah was accused of dissing Sydney’s natural beauty on ‘Love Island USA’

Phoebe and Isaiah stand next to each other as a couple on 'Love Island USA'
Phoebe and Isaiah stand next to each other as a couple on ‘Love Island USA’ | Peacock

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Episode 31 showed the cast guessing which fans tweeted about which cast member. One tweet read, “It would suck for blank to find out blank was comparing her to blank’s natural beauty,” one read.

The cast looked shocked by this. In the end, the tweet read, ​​“It would suck for Sydney to find out Isaiah was comparing her to Phoebe’s natural beauty.”

This is about episode 21, when Isaiah is torn on whether he will bring Phoebe Siegel back to the villa. He talked about the dilemma with Jeff Christian, who told him to look at her.

“All natural, she’s f*cking gorgeous,” he said. “I’m just saying like an 11 out of 10, bro.”

Some fans think Isaiah never compared Sydney to Phoebe

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Some fans don’t think the tweet represented what Isaiah said correctly. “She’s very sexy and gorgeous, no one ever said she wasn’t a natural beauty,” one Reddit fan wrote. 

“ one but the man she is in a couple with,” someone else replied. “Except he never said that. Stop making sh*t up. If he said Phoebe was smart would that mean he called Sydney dumb? Absolutely no one cared or took issue when he actually made the comment; people are now only crying about it because that twitter user twisted it into a comparison,” a third fan commented.

Another fan started a Reddit thread demanding the producers apologize to Sydney. “That tweet was taken out of context which again, the producers shouldn’t have even entertained choosing it,” the person claimed. “I rewatched Isaiah’s comment and HE DIDNT EVEN COMPARE THEM. Which again, why even give this tweet any attention at all? It wasn’t a direct quote or an accurate depiction of the conversation. It was a viewer’s interpretation. In a villa type scenario where the islanders don’t have the luxury of the internet to rewatch and provide clarity, they end up relying solely on what the producers show them and it’s manipulative and creates a false and damaging narrative.”

What does this mean for Isaiah and Sydney?

America is voting once again for the most compatible couples in the cast. The least compatible one is at risk of being dumped from the island.

There is a chance Sydney and Isaiah will lose votes because of the recent drama. But because Sydney has many supporters, it’s more likely they’ll stay. It’s a toss-up if she’ll have enough fans for them to win the entire season after the drama of him leaving her for Phoebe and more.

Zeta Morrison is a major fan favorite and has consistently been coupled up with Timmy Pandolfi. Zeta was one of the many women in the house to support Sydney after the game.

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