Some Marvel Fans Are Worried About the Number of Upcoming Disney+ Shows — Here’s Why

The ancient adage of less being more seems to have been adhered to recently in some Disney pop culture, with Disney+’s The Mandalorian being the best example. On the Marvel side, not so much. With a tremendous running length of recent MCU movies, plus a push to rush many Marvel streaming shows into production, some fan worry is starting to develop.

Reddit is usually the place to gauge such concerns. Over there, threads are already popping up saying Disney/Marvel is rushing too much on getting their Disney+ shows live as soon as possible.

Already, WandaVision has been moved up to later this year rather than 2021. By this time next year, various Marvel shows will be on the platform. Is this going overboard, and will the rush to make new MCU shows destroy the quality everyone’s expecting?

Big budgets don’t always cover script shortcomings

The cast of WandaVision
The cast of WandaVision | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

One thing has been obvious from big studios with deep pockets: If the script isn’t good, a limitless budget of special effects won’t make any show or movie better. What makes Marvel different in this category is having Kevin Feige in their corner as a proponent of putting story first.

No doubt Feige learned from the gilded age of Disney where crafting a brilliant script came before the eye-popping animation innovations. Without the perfect story, those timeless tales wouldn’t hold up, regardless of their ethereal animation qualities.

There isn’t a doubt Marvel will be throwing big bucks around in the special effects department for their Disney+ shows. More of those shows are being green-lit as well, including the prospect of Ms. Marvel.

With Reddit users making comment on how fast these shows are going into production, it’s not unfounded to agree with the worry of quality taking a hit over time. Then again, since these have limited episodes, there may be more confidence at Disney than everyone thinks.

Will Disney and Marvel become too complacent in the popularity of the MCU?

It’s hard to imagine with Feige in control of things, there’s going to be any creative complacency. Such a thing could happen, however, considering Disney thinks any Marvel product will make viewers show up in droves.

Without good storytelling, they may not forever. Not that the prospects for the announced Disney+ shows don’t look more than promising. Outside of being mum for most of the plots, shows like WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki all have innovative story elements. Most look to take explorations of reality, time travel, and social issues to territory Marvel hasn’t yet explored.

Some serious writing has clearly gone into these shows. Nevertheless, rushing production could still cause some quality issues. Part of this could involve being sloppy in the special effects, or the actors not being able to accomplish what they want in their performances.

Much of this depends on how inspired everyone is on set and how fast they can churn out things without making major errors. Based on history, rushing things in the world of TV shows and movies doesn’t always equal perfect results.

Perhaps Disney+ shows will have some limitations compared to the films

All possibility exists the budgets won’t be quite up to the level as the movies, even though the shows and movies will be interconnected. News is the streaming budgets are still hefty, making action sequences at least on-par with the films.

Maybe there’s going to be some intention to tone them down a little so there’s a better delineation between what’s a show and the theatrical experience. Should this occur, the streaming shows may have more in common with the soon defunct Marvel network shows than anyone thought.

Those shows suffered from limited budgets and went their own way as a result, only to become canceled across the board. By 2021, everyone will know whether Marvel overstepped and brought MCU fatigue on Disney+. After already happening to Star Wars, Disney is no doubt still treading carefully.