Some Wish Kylie Jenner Would Donate Her Money Instead of Spending It On This

It’s not like the Kardashian/Jenner family is known for being subtle about how they do things. They’re famous for their over-the-top approach to life, and for a lot of fans, that’s exactly what makes them so fabulous.

But for others, the KarJenner brand of excessiveness is wearing a little thin. It’s always been clear that their life is different from the rest of us, but recently Kylie Jenner did something that has people frustrated. Just because you can afford anything, does that mean you should waste your money on everything? Couldn’t they put some energy into making the world a better place?

Kylie Jenner threw quite the birthday party for Stormi

When Stormi turned two, no one was surprised to see that Jenner threw her an elaborate party. But when the pictures hit Instagram, people were amazed. It wasn’t just an extravagant party – Jenner had created an entire theme park for her daughter, called StormiWorld. 

People entered StormiWorld through a giant inflatable Stormi head, and things didn’t get any more normal after that. Inside there were rides, claw games where people could win Stormi pillows, a Stormi-themed gift shop, and areas that featured two things Stormi loves: Frozen and Trolls. People even wore big Stormi heads. 

Jenner can certainly afford a spectacle like this. But fans are starting to wonder if she really should.

Some fans aren’t impressed

Kylie Jenner wearing sunglasses and a black dress, looking to the right
Kylie Jenner | Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

In a discussion on Reddit, opinions about the party were mixed. Many people thought it was way too much, even saying that it was “kylie teaching stormi to be a narcissist.” Of course, the child isn’t the one at fault here, as one person pointed out, saying “Stormi is way too young, parties at this age can be more for the adults than the kid. I think this is Kylie’s way of showing her own obsession with her daughter. I think if my mom threw a party like this for me, I’d grow up thinking she was the narcissist… and I’d be embarrassed.”

People also wondered if the two-year-old could even enjoy such an elaborate event. “Also Poor Stormi. Babies/Toddlers easily get over stimulated and it’s so stressful for them when they do. That’s all I could think about as I was watching Kylie’s Instagram story. I was like “Poor baby, this is probably so overwhelming.”

As some said in another Reddit thread, all that money could be put to better use. “That is disgusting. I’m sorry, Stormi doesn’t need all of that. DONATE Kylie.” 

Considering that people estimate that StormiWorld must have cost at least $100,000, it’s hard to argue with that idea.

Others think that the party was just fine

Some fans think people should just lighten up. Sure it was a lot for a tiny girl, “but if you had as much money as her wouldnt you want to spend it however you want? Esp for something celebrating first child and for u and ur friends to have fun/enjoy? Its def over the top but thats the nature of this fam and always has been, lol.”

For Jenner fans, this is just what parents do for their kids’ birthdays – she just has the resources to do it bigger. They don’t think it was too much for the little girl, pointing out that in “most of the pics of stormi you see she seems to be enjoying herself. She might’ve been over stimulated but she probably only freaked out once or twice. Yes Kylie had stuff for adults and other kids but she’s throwing a party for everyone, but stormi still seemed to enjoy herself. Most parties that parents throw that are extravagant are for the kids AND PARENTS especially at that age.”

Odds are that Stormi won’t even remember this party, so she probably won’t be damaged by it. But people hope that Jenner will learn to think about the rest of the world. That way, as her daughter grows she can teach her to have compassion for people who don’t live in StormiWorld but have to survive in the real world.