‘Somebody’ Finale Explained: What Happened to Sum and Yoon-o? Do They End up Together?

The Netflix K-drama Somebody tells a unique story of an app developer named Sum (Kang Hae-lim). She has difficulty empathizing with human emotions despite creating a popular dating app. When a serial killer is using her app, she becomes oddly intrigued. The November K-drama begins a bizarre yet complex story of love and murder. The Somebody finale needs some explanation.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Somebody.]

Sum and Yoon-o in 'Somebody' K-drama and finale outcome.
Sum and Yoon-o in ‘Somebody’ K-drama | via Netflix

Sum helps her friends investigate the killer while falling in love with him in ‘Somebody’

While police ask the company Spectrum for the records of its users after learning a serial killer is using the app, they deny access. But meanwhile, Sum and her IT team have already uncovered the killer user. While showing no immediate concern, Sum becomes intrigued by him. Sum has Asperger’s and has difficulty understanding human emotions and mimics the people around her.

For some reason, the user sparks her interest and her fascination with murder in the K-drama. She sets up an account to interact with him. He appeals to her and her hidden desires. At one point, they decide to meet, and she does not hide that she is the app’s creator or about who he is. The serial killer is Yoon-o (Kim Young-Kwang), an architectural designer. On their first meet, he does not kill her how he usually would. Sum also intrigues him.

While technically involved with Sum, Yoon-o still uses the app to find victims. He catches Ki-Eun (Kim Soo-Yeon), a woman who uses a wheelchair. He goes on a date but quickly reveals he lied about being paralyzed, but manages to have sex with her. But instead of murdering her, he leaves her to die. Ki-eun manages to stay alive and return to her shaman friend Mok-won (Kim Yong-Ji).

Unknown to Yoon-o, Ki-eun is a police detective. Somebody soon goes into the disarray of a mystery as Ki-eun hunts down his real identity as Sum tries to understand her feelings and morals.

‘Somebody’ reveals more about Yoon-o’s backstory

Knowing Spectrum will not disclose the user records, Ki-eun resorts to an illegal hacker to get information. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Sum and Ki-eun are best friends. After her near death and being the app’s creator, Ki-eun asks for help. Sum subconsciously knows Yoon-o is the killer. All the while, Sum tries to understand her feelings for him. They start a sexual relationship, and Sum believes she is in love and cannot live without him.

She is also aware his hobby is murdering people and even teases she wants to do it as well. But Yoon-o is not 100% convinced. In the K-drama, Sum meets with someone on Somebody but finds herself in danger when the man tries to assault her. In a cat and mouse chase, she used the blade Yoon-o gifted her to kill the man. But there is a feeling that someone set up the situation. Three of the man’s friends enter and claim Sum orchestrated the attack to kill them.


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Sum feels a sense of euphoria committing murder but does not openly reveal it to her original Somebody prototype machine. The kicker to Somebody is learning that Yoon-o was the one who orchestrated Sum’s attack to see if she has what it takes to kill. If she did, he would admit his love for her. When Ki-eun tries to flesh him out again, he leaves her to die in a neighborhood that is being demolished.

But by Somebody Episode 7, fans learn more about Yoon-o. He paid a shop owner to keep his victims’ cell phones after helping her find love through the app. After realizing she put him in danger, he kills her. In the seventh episode, fans learn Yoon-o was a regular guy. But when hooking up through the app, he accidentally killed a woman.

‘Somebody’ finale is full of blood for Sum and Yoon-o

In the Somebody finale, things become worse for Yoon-o. Someone is playing with him by sending him videos of his past victims as if they were still alive. Enraged, he threatens Mok-won. She and Ki-eun confront Sum about the reality and want to hand him in to the police. But Sum is too far into her feelings to tell them the killer is Yoon-o. Meanwhile, Yoon-o is designing a new home for himself and Sum.

Fans learn that the CEO of Somebody and Yum’s friend is sending Yoon-o the videos to get him to leave Sum. At night, Yoon-o visits Sum and reveals his true feelings for her. But Sum’s hazy love for him has started to fade. Ki-eun has uncovered Yoon-o is the killer and informs her police partner.

Sum realizes they will follow her when she goes to meet with Yoon-o. She leaves her phone in the taxi and goes to the new house Yoon-o was building for them. At the same time, Yoon-o gets a video from Sum. As he confesses his true love for her, the video proves fake. A hooded person sneaks up to him and slits his throat. Yoon-o dies in a pool of blood as he tells Sum he loves her.

Who is the killer in the Somebody finale? Outside, the hooded person is revealed to be Sum. Mok-won arrives on her Moped to take Sum away. She arrives at the company and plays video games with the staff. For likely the first time, Sum laughs and smiles when she wins the game.

Somebody is available on Netflix.