Someone Paid a Skywriter to Troll Joe Rogan Over Height — ‘Joe Rogan is Literally 5 Foot 3’

An elaborate prank at Joe Rogan’s expense involving sky-writing and a marriage proposal took place over the weekend of June 12. An enterprising individual with a chip on their shoulder paid a skywriter to help them propose to their wife — and to make a dig at Joe Rogan’s height. While there are plenty of valid reasons to dislike Joe Rogan, it’s worth noting that his height isn’t one of them. That being said, how tall is Joe Rogan, and what exactly went down in West Hollywood?

Skywriting trolls Joe Rogan over height 

Joe Rogan's height was called into question by a hired skywriter
Joe Rogan’s height was called into question by a hired skywriter | Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Someone with an elaborate proposal scheme managed to work in a dig at Joe Rogan in the process this weekend. Residents of West Hollywood were confused and surprised to see skywriting appearing overhead one June 12. 

At first, the writing started out as a marriage proposal. Once that was over, however, Joe Rogan’s height came into question. It was an interesting and sudden change of topic — one that was quickly captured all over the internet. 

The skywriting read, “will you marry me Molly Pratt,” “she said yes,” “I love you more than anything,” “excited to spend my life with you,” and “until death do us part.” That’s when the individual who hired the skywriter made their jab at Joe Rogan’s height. 

“Got one more thing to say,” read the next line. “Joe Rogan is literally 5 foot 3.” The original writing read “liteally.” 

How tall is Joe Rogan?

Of course, fans and detractors alike are now left wondering, how tall is Joe Rogan, really? Rogan himself took to Twitter to dish on the skywriting and his height, claiming that the skywriting is the result of a joke referenced on his podcast. 

“It’s people being changing wikipedia because we were joking around about it. I’m short, but not that short 5′ 8″ [sic],” Rogan tweeted

There, however, other alternatives. While making a dig at someone’s body or appearance is not a valid argument, Rogan has his fair share of detractors. This is largely because Rogan has become a major source of misinformation when it comes to COVID-19, pseudoscience, health, and other such topics. 

Additionally, Rogan has bought into conspiracy theory thinking, especially in terms of politics, in recent years. 

Fans react on social media

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

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Tweets, TikToks, Reddit posts, and the like were numerous, to say the least. Plenty of folks were getting in on the action, either bashing Joe Rogan and calling his height into question, or calling the act petty and wasteful. 

One Reddit user on an older post claimed that he is 5 foot 6 and met the podcaster, who was shorter than him in person. Others chimed in to similar effect, suggesting that Rogan is sensitive about his stature. 

“Joe Rogan is right in front of me, and I can see over the top of his head. When you’re this short, being taller than other adult male is something you remember. I could see straight over his bald head. It’s embedded in my brain how short he is. He’s 5’4, 5’5 max,” they wrote.

Others were more hung up on the body-shaming aspect of the dig, pointing out that it’s not a great way to mock somebody at all. 

“Lol, good way to make people who are actually 5’3” feel like sh*t I guess?” wrote one Redditor.

“Yeah it’s basically like making fun of something you can control vs something you can’t,” pointed out another user

Others went on to suggest that the goal was not to shame short people, but to shame Joe Rogan for ostensibly lying about his height.