‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’: Jim Carrey Fought to Keep Dr. Robotnik’s ‘Midlife Crisis Mustache’ in the Film

Sonic the Hedgehog fans will notice some changes to Dr. Robotnik’s appearance in the video game movie’s new sequel. For starters, he’s now completely bald. The hair on his head has instead taken up residence on his upper lip, as the villain now sports a much longer and fluffier mustache. According to actor Jim Carrey, these changes — particularly the mustache — are very important to bringing his character closer to the Robotnik seen in Sonic the Hedgehog games. Carrey spoke about Robotnik’s evolution in a recent interview.

Jim Carrey as Dr Robotnik, showing off his new mustache in Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ | Paramount

Jim Carrey reprises his role as Dr. Robotnik in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 hit theaters on April 8. The sequel to 2020’s hit adaptation sees Carrey’s return as Dr. Robotnik, as well as Ben Schwartz’s return as the titular blue hedgehog. Additionally, Idris Elba joins the cast as Knuckles, the sexy-voiced Echidna, while Colleen O’Shaughnessey stars as Tails.

In Sonic’s new adventure, he must once again face off against the evil Dr. Robotnik in a race to find the Master Emerald. However, Sonic has an ally this time in Tails. Unfortunately, Robotnik isn’t alone, either — he partners up with Knuckles, who might just prove himself to be a difficult opponent for Sonic. Who will reach the Master Emerald first to take control of the Chaos Emeralds’ immense, world-bending power?

Jim Carrey explained the importance of his massive mustache in ‘Sonic 2’

Jim Carrey was closely involved in helping director Jeff Fowler transform Robotnik into the character that Sonic video game fans know and love. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the comedian explained that he really pushed to evolve the villain’s mustache.

“That mustache was hugely important. I fought for that mustache. There were a lot of people on set going, ‘I don’t know if the mustache is like that, it may take people out of the movie,’ and I said, ‘Yes, into heaven,'” he joked.  

Carrey went on to call it Robotnik’s “midlife crisis mustache.” He was defeated by Sonic once already, and now he’s back with a new look and ready to try again. In fact, Carrey wanted to make the mustache even bigger.

“I wanted it to leave frame on both sides. Every once in a while, it will start teetering back and forth, and you will cut out wide and see Sonic on one end, and Knuckles on the other,” he added. “But they do have to reign me in from time to time.”

Dr. Robotnik is 1 of very few roles Jim Carrey would ever play more than once

Carrey’s second run as Dr. Robotnik is a rare treat for fans of the comedian. That’s because he rarely allows himself to reprise roles — Carrey has only ever appeared in sequels for Dumb & Dumber and Ace Ventura. In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor said he prefers to try new things and keep “challenging people.”

“I can’t serve the same stale dinner,” he explained. “I always felt like the time, for now, is to do something new. New now. If I spent all my time doing — I could’ve done several sequels for several characters — but I felt like life is too short. I want to move on, I want to create. I want to annoy people that are businessmen that want to take advantage of me.”

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is now playing in theaters.

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