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Before Cher became a legend, she was part of a duo, that to many fans was just as iconic as her solo brand. Cherilyn Sarkisian was a young, 16-year-old high school dropout when she met a then 28-year-old Salvatore “Sonny” Bono.

Despite the age difference, the story of Sonny and Cher was born and, with it, a worldwide fan base. They were the “Hollywood” couple of the ’60s. And the most prominent power couple of the time also drove matching, custom Ford Mustangs.

The dynamic duo of Sonny and Cher

Sonny and Cher
Sonny and Cher | Martin Mills/Getty Images

There may have been an age difference when Sonny and Cher got together, but no one seemed to mind back in the sixties. The two were married in 1964 and first performed with stage names as Caesar & Cleo. A year later, the couple would release their first hit single, “Baby Don’t Go” as themselves, and success would soon follow.

The iconic title, “I Got You Babe,” was introduced in 1965 and would be the legendary sign off song performed by the duo at the end of their TV show, The Sonny And Cher Comedy Hour. The feisty and elegant Cher, and the hilarious and somewhat nerdy Sonny, were larger than life superstars.

The two would go on to be parents and eventually divorce, although remained close over the years. Sonny Bono passed away in 1998, and Cher spoke elegantly at his funeral services.

Ford’s marketing team had a brilliant idea 


Why Sonny and Cher Stayed Together Long After They Were Happy

Ford Motor Co. had just launched the Mustang in 1964, about the same time that Sonny and Cher released their hit single, “I Got You Babe.”

The ad whizzes with the automaker thought there might be a marketing opportunity to leverage between their iconic car and the wildly popular celebrity duo. Ford would gift Sonny and Cher his and hers, 1966 Mustang convertibles and ride the publicity waves all the way to the bank.

But instead of offering the muscle cars in their original glory, Ford enlisted the help of George Barris, the “King of Kar Kustomization.”

Barris made these two matching Mustangs, says Hot Cars, almost as unique as Sonny and Cher themselves.

The iconic and matching cars for the celebrity couple

Cher’s Ford Mustang, according to GQ, featured a Hot Candy Pink paint job. Alongside hers, Sonny’s Mustang had a Murano Gold color. The customization specialist, George Barris, didn’t stop with the flashy exterior colors either. He gave both hotrods rectangular headlights, and new front ends.

The two gift cars also came with shag interiors, eight-track stereos, and swivel drivers’ chairs. The cars were loud and outlandish by today’s standards. But remember, it was the sixties, and style like this was considered bold and revolutionary.

What’s Cher up to these days?

Cher celebrated her 74th birthday this year, and women worldwide are envious of how well she’s aged. Some call her the “Goddess of Pop,” and there may not be any other artist with a more impressive career.

She continues to perform and sells out at her worldwide shows. Cher also is an advocate for her own health and is reported to be able to hold a plank for five minutes, according to Prevention.

She shared some of her health and skincare secrets, but most of her age-defying regimen lies in her plant-based diet and routine exercise.

The iconic gift Mustangs for Sonny and Cher are no longer in Cher’s possession. But the good news is the two cars are still together. They’ve changed ownership over the years but always managed to be sold as a pair. According to one source, the matching Mustangs are on display today at the Midwest Dream Car Collection in Kansas City.