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Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is hitting back after Disney fired him from FX, threatening the future success of Mayans MC. In a new letter, Sutter blasted Disney for canning him because he was an “abrasive dick.” Sutter also trolled the company on social media, though he did offer an apology for his actions. So why did Disney decide to fire Sutter and put Mayans MC at risk?

Kurt Sutter SOA Mayans
‘Sons of Anarchy’ and ‘Mayans MC’ creator Kurt Sutter | Photo by Vera Anderson/WireImage

Sutter blasts Disney on Twitter

Mayans MC is in its second season on FX and, before his firing, Sutter had stepped away from his daily duties on set. The Sons of Anarchy creator dialed it back because he wanted more time to focus on post-production and writing.

Even still, FX reportedly received complaints about Kurt Sutter’s antics on the show, which isn’t exactly surprising given his track record.

“At least being fired for being an abrasive dick is on brand,” Sutter told his cast and crew in a letter.

According to Too Fab, Sutter also apologized for making people uncomfortable on the set and assured his former cast and crew that his intentions were always good.

“But clearly I’ve not been paying attention. My arrogance and chronic distraction has created wreckage,” Sutter added.

This is not the first time Sutter has been accused of questionable behavior. Back in 2018, Sutter admitted that he had incidents on the set of Sons of Anarchy, including a time he cussed out an FX executive.

But Sutter thought he had learned his lesson and changed his ways for Mayans MC. Unfortunately, some of the cast and crew thought otherwise. While his behavior on the set probably didn’t help the situation, Sutter believes there was another reason he was booted from Mayans MC.

Disney tries to tame Kurt Sutter

In his letter, Sutter confessed that he was getting frustrated with how Disney was trying to micromanage the spin-off. The SOA creator revealed that Disney wanted him to dumb-down the storyline and place restraints on the show to make it more politically correct.

Sutter pushed back against Disney, though he claims that he was a lot nicer to his new bosses than ever before. Even still, he believes this is what truly led to his firing.

It didn’t help that the Disney execs were not used to dealing with someone like Sutter, who is deeply passionate about his work and has never been afraid to speak his mind.

“Clearly, I ruffled a few mouse ears,” Sutter shared.

Sutter made it clear that some of the complaints against him were justified, but he also believes his actions on the set did not get him fired.

Instead, he thinks that Disney execs put a target on his back and did not want him ruining their wholesome image.

At the end of the day, Kurt Sutter feels like Disney embarrassed him and intentionally threw him under the bus.

While Sutter’s firing has shocked SOA fans, he isn’t letting it get him down. In fact, Sutter has been trolling Disney on social media ever since he was let go and recently assured fans that he is looking for his “next gig.”

What’s Disney’s side of the story?

Although Disney has yet to respond to Sutter’s scathing letter, he offered a little insight into their thought process. In his letter, Sutter revealed that Disney had collected data from producers, cast and crew members, and writers about his behavior on Mayans MC.

Disney told Kurt Sutter that he created a hostile work environment where many of his workers did not feel safe or valued.

Sutter, of course, says that none of that is true and that Disney is exaggerating some of the complaints just to get rid of him.

He also admitted that taking a step back from the day-to-day stuff was probably a mistake and led some people to believe that the series had no leader.

That said, Sutter admitted that he was aware of the complaints and that he was the person who notified Disney about the situation. He also believes that the network used the complaints as an excuse to fire him, a move he says was a huge mistake.

“I send this diatribe because I feel deeply wronged. They embarrassed me. They created a false narrative that could damage my reputation and career,” Sutter concluded.

Fans have reacted strongly to Kurt Sutter’s firing and it is unclear what will happen to Mayans MC without him in the picture.

In the meantime, new episodes of Mayans MC air Tuesday nights on FX.