Sophie Turner Explains Why Having a Baby Has Made Her a Better Actor

Sophie Turner became a mother in 2020 when she and her husband Joe Jonas welcomed a baby daughter named Willa. Turner has been rather private about what parenthood is like for her, but she recently gave some rare insights into her thoughts on being a mother. She explained that it has made her a better actor. 

Sophie Turner, who is expecting her second baby, wearing a pink jacket and smiling
Sophie Turner | by Foc Kan/FilmMagic

Sophie Turner is expecting baby No. 2

Turner and Jonas are currently raising Willa, who is almost 2 years old. However, their family is about to grow as Turner and Jonas are expecting another child.

In February 2022, Turner sparked rumors of another pregnancy when she was spotted wearing a maxi dress. Then, a source confirmed to E! News in March that the couple is indeed expecting.

This news came after Turner and Jonas moved to Miami in the fall of 2021. The famous pair purchased an $11 million mansion with six bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms. It seems they and Willa are currently settling into this new abode while looking forward to another bundle of joy in the family.

Additionally, this year, Jonas’ brother, Nick Jonas, and his wife, Priyanka Chopra, welcomed a baby. It seems the Jonas family will have even more reasons to celebrate in the coming year.

Sophie Turner says motherhood has made her a better actor

Being a parent changes one’s life in many different ways. For Sophie Turner, a baby has helped her notice a positive impact on her acting career. 

“The concept of family has made me an entirely much more emotional person,” the Game of Thrones star said during a recent episode of the podcast UnWrapped. “The empathy is heightened; the feelings about family are just like overflowing. It’s made me a better actor for becoming, you know, becoming a mother.”

She added, “As an actor, the only way to become a really brilliant actor is to experience as much life as possible and to bring those experiences in, and so this is just another little part of life that I’m experiencing that I get to bring in and hopefully it helps my performance one way or another.”

In honor of Mother’s Day in 2021, Turner also shared that being a mother is her “favorite job.” She wrote on Instagram, “I’m so grateful to the two loves of my life for making me a mama, @joejonas and my beautiful baby girl. It’s my favorite job I’ve ever had.”

Joe Jonas reveals how a baby has affected his career

Jonas is a musician who has written multiple hit songs and sold out shows worldwide. Like Turner, Jonas has seen how parenthood affects his career as well. 

“It’s been forced time at home — I’m always on the go, I’m always moving and traveling and touring,” he told CBS This Morning in 2021. “To be in one place for a solid amount of time and having my feet on the ground and be with my family, my immediate family, is time I don’t think I’ll get back. I’m so thankful and grateful.”

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