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Sophie Turner has been very grateful for the career she’s had since Game of Thrones. Especially since the actor wouldn’t know where she’d be without acting.

Sophie Turner once believed she’d be lost without acting

Sophie Turner at the 2nd Annual Academy Museum Gala.
Sophie Turner | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Before Turner’s breakthrough role in Game of Thrones, she’d always been an aspiring actor. Before that, a much younger Turner mostly acted in theater.

“I wanted to pursue acting from a very young age and I have always been interested in it. I began acting when I joined my local theatre group [Playbox Theatre] when I was three and have been passionate about it ever since. I always used to make up shows with my friends, mainly with my close friend Ellie Johnson but she soon got tired of it,” Turner once said in an interview with Fansided. “I would always be the most crazy, the most loud out of all my friends and I used to channel that energy into dressing up and putting on shows.”

Her passion for acting was so great that she wasn’t sure if there was an alternative for another interest at the time.

“It’s been a huge part of my life and without acting I would be lost,” she said.

How Sophie Turner once beat out a much better actor for a movie role

The superstar’s profile has only boosted since her Game of Thrones performance. Since then, Turner has seen herself featuring in movies like Dark Phoenix and Time Freak. But being in Hollywood as long as she has taught her talent isn’t always what matters in the film industry. Sometimes an actor’s popularity takes precedent.

Turner has built up a massive following across social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. In a 2017 interview with NME, Turner revealed that she learned how much of an asset social media could be. At least when it came to pursuing film roles.

“A lot of what I have achieved is about timing and luck, but it is also, and I hate to say it, about a big social media following,” Turner said.

Turner asserted that her social media following helped clinch her a movie when another actor might’ve been better.

“I auditioned for a project and it was between me and another girl who is a far better actress than I am, far better, but I had the followers, so I got the job. It’s not right, but it is part of the movie industry now,” she said.

Sophie Turner believes motherhood made her a better actor


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Expecting Another Baby

Turner and her husband Joe Jonas has fairly recently welcomed two children into their home. Speaking on the podcast Unwrapped With Emily Vogel, the actor shared that having her first child made her more emotional. But giving birth also had an unexpected side-effect on the star’s acting ability.

“It’s made me a better actor, becoming a mother,” she said. “As an actor, the only way to become a real, brilliant actor is to experience as much life as possible and to bring those experiences in. So this is just another little part of life that I’m experiencing that I get to bring in and hopefully it helps my performance in one way or another.”