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Disney+ is well underway to develop its own Korean drama universe. The 2022 K-drama Soundtrack #1 has released promotional teasers, still images, and details about its main storyline. All that was missing was its official release date and what streaming platform would air weekly episodes. Disney+ Korea announced Soundtrack #1 would air on the platform. If fans learned anything from Snowdrop, Soundtrack #1 might not be available in all countries.

Han So-Hee and Park Hyung-sik for 'Soundtrack #1' on Disney+ on beach and wearing sweaters.
Han So-Hee and Park Hyung-sik for ‘Soundtrack #1’ K-drama | Disney+

Disney+ Korea announced an official premiere date for ‘Soundtrack #1’ on Instagram

Park Hyung-sik’s and Han So-hee’s upcoming K-drama is coming sooner than fans thought. For months, the K-drama has had an air of mystery with no set streaming platform. Its marketing team did a good job of ramping up anticipation with teasers that tie into the K-drama’s music theme. Fans have seen still images of its two leading actors and an official synopsis.

On Feb.4, Disney+ Korea posted on Instagram a photo of Park and Han as their characters officially announcing the streaming platform will debut and air Soundtrack #1. The music romance K-drama is coming sooner than expected and will stream in March.

According to Soompi, an inside source from Soundtrack #1 stated, “It will be unveiled in March through Disney+, a world-class streaming service that provides the best entertainment experience with outstanding storytelling and innovative content.”

While Disney+ is getting in on K-dramas’ rising fame and global success, fans are unsure if Soundtrack #1 will be available to worldwide audiences through the platform or in select countries.

‘Soundtrack #1’ will likely air to Asian countries first

The first K-drama to have been released by Disney+ was the controversial Snowdrop starring Jisoo and Jung Hae-in. Before its release, fans were unaware that K-drama would only be available to audiences in Asian countries. As new episodes aired on the platform, new episodes also simultaneously aired on JTBC.

After its riveting and jaw-dropping finale, Disney+ announced the K-drama would be available to US fans on Feb. 9, according to Digital Spy. But a majority of fans have already seen Snowdrop through other streaming sites.

The question remains if Disney+ will follow the same guidelines for Soundtrack #1. Park and Han’s K-drama has built up immense anticipation from fans as Park gained notoriety from Happiness, and Han became a strong household name from My Name and Nevertheless. US fans will have to wait and see if Soundtrack #1 will appear on their watch list on Disney+.

A lyricist and photographer fall in love in a musical K-drama


‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’: Meet Park Hae-Soo and the Main Cast of the K-Drama Remake

The upcoming K-drama has developed a buzz thanks to its unique marketing strategy. Soundtrack #1 is tagged as a musical K-drama. Instead of traditional teasers, the K-drama has released short music videos including a song from its official soundtrack and still images.

Park plays the male lead as Han Sun-woo. He is a gifted freelance photographer, warm, kind-hearted, and anyone’s ideal man. Sun-woo has been friends with Lee Eun-soo, played by Han, for over 20 years. Eun-soo is trying to make a living as a lyricist.

Certain circumstances force them to live together for two weeks. Being together in one space for a certain amount of time has them questioning their feelings for each other and possibly falling in love.