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Actor Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee starred in Disney+’s first K-drama, Soundtrack #1. The limited K-drama had a short run time of four episodes but told a perfect story of two lifelong best friends who face love. Park’s character, Sun-woo, has been in love with his best friend for years but has never told her. Park gives his two cents on what he thinks unrequited love is like.

Park Hyung-sik as Sun-woo in 'Soundtrack #1' starring at Han So-hee.
Park Hyung-sik as Sun-woo in ‘Soundtrack #1’ | via Disney+

‘Soundtrack #1’ shows the progression of friends-to-lovers

Sun-woo has been best friends with Eun-soo (Han) since high school. Along the way, he started to look at Eun-soo with love that goes beyond friendship. Having loved Eun-soo in a platonic way first and developed a strong bond, Sun-woo is afraid of confessing. He does not want to lose his friendship if she does not feel the same.

Both adults, Sun-woo is a photographer while Eun-soo is a budding lyricist. Eun-soo one day asks Sun-woo to live with her for a few days. Their days together push the boundaries of their friendship. While Sun-woo tries to keep his feelings at bay, Eun-soo comes to the shocking realization of what is really going on.

Soundtrack #1 adequately tells the story of unrequited love on behalf of Sun-woo. It shows audiences what it means to spend each day keeping one’s love bottled up and what happens when the other person is faced with their own feelings.

Park Hyun-sik believes unrequited love is difficult just like in ‘Soundtrack’ #1

In a press interview for Disney+, Park and Han discuss their characters, how they tackle love, and the K-drama’s overall message. Seeing as Soundtrack #1 focuses heavily on unrequited love, Park was asked how he personally views the topic.

“I think unrequited love is like dark chocolate,” said Park. “Love is love, but I think it’s bitter and bitter.”

Park’s answer stunned the interviewer at how perfect his interpretation was. It was almost as if it was rehearsed, but Park explained he is good at adapting to situations. The actor’s outlook is realistic as Sun-woo enjoys the friendship and bond he has with Eun-soo but is bitter about not being able to love her openly.

Han also catered to Park’s use of food and said unrequited love is like instant food. “I think it’s a one-sided love that you can’t help but keep eating even though you know it’s bad for your health,” explained Han.

Both Park Hyung-sik and Han So-hee choose between love and frienship


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Disney+’s Soundtrack #1 begins with Sun-woo deciding to keep friendship over love for the past eight to nine years. He would rather be by Eun-soo’s side as her best friend than ruin what they have if something goes wrong if they date. During the Disney+ interview, Park and Han decided between keeping friendship or pursuing love.

Han replied, “I’ll choose love.” The actor agreed with the interviewer that it is best to make love than lose it. Park agreed with his Soundtrack #1 co-star.

“Once I get emotional, I can’t hide it anymore. Or you have to endure it for the rest of your life. I can’t think of myself as a friend. So, rather than that, I wanted to confess,” explained Park.

The actor admits understanding Sun-woo’s mindset about love was a challenge as he has not had a close female friend in a long time. Instead, he asked his friends and realized the emotions are the same no matter what type of person.