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The Duggar family stunned fans when Justin Duggar appeared on a family Zoom call to make a big announcement. The trailer for the Sept. 22 episode suggested the family will be revealing a surprise courtship, and all the evidence points to Justin as the next Duggar to enter into a serious relationship. Justin, still 17, is believed to be courting a 19-year-old woman. An insider claims the pair have been quietly dating for more than a year.

Why are Duggar family followers shocked by the forthcoming courtship announcement?

While fans expected a courtship to be announced in the coming months, few people assumed Justin would be the one to reveal a romance. There are a few reasons why Justin’s courtship is surprising. Justin, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s 14th child, has yet to turn 18.

It has been more than two years since the family has announced a courtship, and family followers were pretty certain one of the older Duggar boys would be the first to announce. Currently, four other Duggar men are old enough to court. James Duggar, Jason Duggar, and twins, Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar, are all over 18. Justin will be the youngest Duggar ever to announce a courtship. The official announcement will be made on the Sept. 22 episode of Counting On.

Justin and his girlfriend have reportedly been courting since 2019  

Duggar fans have spent months speculating about a potential courtship between Lauren Caldwell and one of the older Duggar boys. Family followers have been so focused on who Lauren is dating that they apparently missed Justin’s budding romance. Reportedly, Justin and his girlfriend have been dating for about a year.

The Duggar family has been friendly with the woman’s family for years, and that she has been spotted in previous episodes of Counting On. The courtship is said to have started when Justin was just 16. Justin’s girlfriend, who is older than her boyfriend, was 18 when they began dating. An unverified source took to Facebook to claim they kept their romance quiet because of his age.

Sources claim Justin Duggar’s courtship has been arranged

Justin’s precocious courtship might not be as wholesome as it seems, though. Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball reported that a source close to the woman’s family suggested Justin’s courtship was arranged by their parents. Katie Joy did not reveal her source, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Jim Bob somehow played a role in hooking up his son with his likely future spouse.


‘Counting On’: Which of the Duggar Kids Are Old Enough to Court?

Jim Bob is said to have arranged Joshua Duggar’s marriage to Anna Duggar. A church insider spoke to Radar last year and claimed that Jim Bob found Josh a wife after his inappropriate behavior came to light. Josh molested several of his siblings as a teen. He married Anna when he was just 20. Rumors have also suggested that Jim Bob forced Josiah into marrying his wife, Lauren Swanson, too. Josiah’s courtship reportedly took place after he was caught using a social media account without permission.