‘Southern Charm’: Austen Kroll Shares Why He Wasn’t Going to Respond to a Recent Social Media Attack

Austen Kroll from Southern Charm said he wasn’t going to give oxygen to a recent attack on social media.

Kroll didn’t reference the specific attack, but Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck recently lashed out at him on social media referring to him as the most narcissist’ t*** on Bravo” in a tweet. She later went on a podcast and said Kroll said she was mean and not funny.

Kroll said the outburst just wasn’t worth a response.

Craig said Austen should be able to respond when things are ‘grossly misrepresented’

During a discussion on the Pillows and Beer podcast with Craig Conover, Kroll said sometimes an attack isn’t worth a response. “Like if someone tries to come out and come at us on social media or something …” Kroll teased, hinting at last week’s posts.

Austen Kroll from Southern Charm sits with hands folded in his lap
Austen Kroll |Charles Sykes/Bravo

Conover piped in, “Well, what’s the answer? I was talking about it with this production company I was with last week, and I was just like, there isn’t a right answer [laughs]. Because you either give them power by responding. But then I told you last week, I was like, there is a world when things are so grossly misrepresented that you should be able to be like, ‘Look, this is what actually happened.'”

But Austen Kroll said a response wasn’t worth it

For his part, Kroll said that responding wasn’t really worth it. “And like, we’re not going to dive in it,” Kroll remarked. “I didn’t respond because I’ve had quite a lot of experience with trying my hardest to not give people oxygen. I deal with that a lot on our show. So it was one of those things where it’s like, just let this thing die. Like I don’t really care that much. It’s not anything that 100 other people haven’t said that don’t really know me. So I just let it go.”

And while Hargrove referred to Kroll as an “idiot” and made other disparaging claims against him, she said in the interview they originally had fun banter when they met. Later Kroll ghosted her, but then eventually they talked on the phone.

“Then we started texting and I was just like ‘I’m in the middle of doing something I can’t text.’ So we talked on the phone and apparently it was Sunday fun day for him,” she said on Another Below Deck Podcast. “He was absolutely incoherent and he just said some nasty s*** to me. Which was ‘You’re not funny. You’re just mean.’ And then kept going on and on and on.”

Austen’s girlfriend Olivia Flowers says he doesn’t deserve such extreme hate

Kroll’s girlfriend Olivia Flowers spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet about some of the backlash he’s received. “Austen is a very sensitive guy,” she said. “I don’t know if that comes across to a lot of people, but I just think he is misunderstood. He’s made some bonehead moves, but for the most part, I don’t think he at all deserves the backlash he’s getting from people. I think people go really, really hard on him.”

“I think he’s easy for people to make him the villain,” she added. “Because he’s the guy who can come across as like the party boy. And so I just didn’t understand everyone’s frustration with him. It does make me sad because I don’t see him the way other people do. And anyone who really knows him doesn’t think the same things that people are saying.”

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