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Cameran Eubanks from Southern Charm shares that she’s closer than ever with Whitney Sudler-Smith and his mother Patricia Altschul.

Patricia Altschul, Cameran Eubanks from 'Southern Charm'
Patricia Altschul, Cameran Eubanks |Ralph Bavaro/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Eubanks was often seen visiting with Altschul on the show and joked with her on social media about getting hot dogs at Costco. She also showed her maternal side after Sudler-Smith had rotator cuff surgery.

She recently told an Instagram fan that she would do just about anything for Sudler-Smith. “[Whitney] is like a brother to me,” she said on a recent post. “We talk on the phone almost every day. I’d give him a kidney.”

Eubanks recently helped care for Sudler-Smith’s ‘broken wing’

Sudler-Smith’s rotator cuff surgery looked intense. He rarely posts to Instagram but joked about the impending surgery when he visited with his father. “My Dad and I catching a @Vikings game before they bionically reattach my arm at the Mayo Clinic. Good times! (Please note the beautiful lines of the US Bank Stadium from HKS architects that did the equally marvelous job on AT&T Stadium…),” he wrote.

After a successful surgery, Sudler-Smith thanked his team of doctors. “Many thanks to Dr. Camp and his Team @mayoclinic for doing an outstanding job on my shoulder!” he wrote along with a photo of his arm in a pretty hefty sling.

While he recovered, the cast, especially Eubanks took good care of Sudler-Smith. “Whitney is a bird with a broken wing,” Eubanks wrote along with a photo of her feeding Sudler-Smith.

Sudler-Smith recently shared a hilarious video playing guitar while drinking a glass of milk. “If Robert Evans and Hugh Hefner had a baby who refused to sleep,” he wrote. Eubanks couldn’t resist replying. “You are so weird and I love you for it,” she responded.

Eubanks is also very close with Patrica Altschul too

Eubanks recently shared a photo with Altschul and friends. She wrote, “Remember going out to eat with friends?! Can’t wait until we can do it again. ❤️@pataltschul @eddieirions I miss our dates!” Altschul also missed seeing Eubanks too. “I miss you all too…. hopefully soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @camwimberly1@eddieirions,” Altschul wrote.


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Altschul also sees Eubanks as family too.  “Well, I adore Cameran. The baby is the cutest, sweetest baby, love her. Whitney is very close to [Cameran’s husband] Jason,” she told Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “They’re like family.” In fact, Altschul treats Eubank’s daughter like a granddaughter by buying her cute gifts. “Anytime that I see something that’s cute, I can’t resist getting it for Palmer,” Altschul admitted.

When Eubanks’ daughter was born, Altschul talked about what a great job Eubanks was doing. “I think she’s doing a great job,” she shared. “It just comes naturally. After you officially get used to having this little person in your life, it just all becomes very natural and easier. Plus, let’s face it, Whitney, his baby years were so many years ago, I can’t really remember too much about it.”

Altschul also joked about how both she and Eubanks are happy with having one child too. “One thing that Cameran and I have in common that we always say about babies is, ‘One and done,'” she said laughing.