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When a Twitter user decided to sling mud at Southern Charm, cast members and fans responded that people have visited Charleston because of the show. The Twitter debate stemmed from a tweet about the show embarking upon a new season of filming.

Patricia Altschul, Cameran Eubanks
Patricia Altschul, Cameran Eubanks |Ralph Bavaro/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“#SouthernCharm is currently filming its next season. Direct all angry comments to @Charlestonion,” the thread began. Someone replied, “I keep reading this tweet in search of the elusive term yet highly desired term “Final Season”. When will our long nations nightmare of Southern Slime end?” Quick to respond was Kate Chastain from Below Deck.

She applied her signature snark to her response. “I keep reading this tweet in search of the elusive yet highly desired part where anyone asked you. When will our long nations nightmare of internet trolling end Jonny?” she wrote.

The Twitter user replied. “It’s jimmy. Lots of different vowels and consonants than those in “jonny “. My fave new thing: schooling #RealityTV stars who don’t actually live in reality.” To which Chastain hilariously replied, “Sorry Jeffrey!” But how did the Southern Charm cast (and fans) react to the tweet?

Patricia Altschul points out that the show has been good for tourism

Patricia Altschul remarked that the Twitter user should see the positive aspects the show has helped to generate, which includes more tourism to Charleston. “I’m afraid you’ve confused final with seventh season and no end in sight. Because of its high ratings and popularity, many fans have visited our city, supported the hotels, restaurants, shops and fallen in love with Charleston,” she observed.

But the Twitter user was relentless. “Mrs Altschul, No one has visited Charleston bec of you or anyone else on #southerncharm, nor does your show represent downtown Charleston. Her 2nd renaissance began well before you moved to town and will continue well after. Also, please paint your home. It needs it.”

So Altschul replied to both aspects of the tweet. “I suggest you read the for the painting of my house; The surface is original and cannot be painted as directed by the BAR. Hence the many awards from preservation groups that I’ve received since restoring it,” she responded.

Shep Rose (and fans) share stories

Shep Rose shared a story about a fan who came to Charleston because of the show. “I’ve got a story that will just put this to bed. I went to a restaurant called Rappahannock last night in Charleston. The GM came over and told me we filmed there 2 years ago. And people from New Zealand !emailed the place saying it looked awesome and were coming on their trip.” Of course, the Twitter user continued to attack upon reading Rose’s remark.

But other fans added comments about how watching the show prompted them to visit Lowcountry. “I’m from Australia and would not have even thought of going to Charleston if I hadn’t have watched SC,” a person replied. Another shared, “Of course you are correct. I think although Charleston has long been a destination your show has brought a lot of positive interest in visiting.”

Some people shared photos from their vacation to Charleston. “Four of us visited Charleston for a girls trip last summer, in part inspired by the show… and we had a blast!” one person shared along with a photo.