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Craig Conover from Southern Charm just teased that a book is on the way on the eve of his first Sewing Down South store opening.

“We just finished the photoshoot for the cover of my new book, which I think I can talk about now?” Conover said from his newly minted store in Charleston. “But we started that last year at the beginning of Covid, I think May or June. I don’t know what I can tell you but it’s gonna be great.” Conover offered a peek at the store, which is nearly ready for his big grand opening on May 15.

Craig Conover from Southern Charm during an interview
Craig Conover from Southern Charm during an interview | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Craig Conover joins Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks’ as a ‘Southern Charm’ author

Conover didn’t offer additional hints about his book, but he joins cast members Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks as published authors. Eubanks’ book, “One Day You’ll Thank Me” is her collection of essays that cover everything from motherhood to dating (and everything in between).

Rose’s book “Average Expectations: Lowering the Bar” is also a book of essays filled with Rose’s signature humorous approach to life. Like Conover, Rose wrote his book during Covid and told Decider that he hoped the book would answer questions fans may have about him or the show. “I feel happy that it gives you a little background [about] where I’m coming from and I’m happy to be an open book,” he said. “The show has a lot of people to cover so they can only do so much. But hopefully, this answers some questions, if there were any that existed.” 

Eubanks wrote her book for different reasons. “Nothing brings me more joy than being a mom. However, motherhood is also by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Ever,” she told People. “One reason I wrote this book was that I didn’t connect with the flawless parenting images I saw on social media. For me, they could not have been further from the truth.”

Craig Conover is juggling more than filming ‘Southern Charm’

Filming a reality show like Southern Charm can be time-consuming enough, but Conover has transformed himself into the Energizer Bunny and has launched his own law firm, and opened a store location for Sewing Down South almost all at once. His pillow company exploded over the past few years, with demand so high he is opening his flagship location on the coveted King Street in downtown Charleston.

He told Showbiz Cheat Sheet the store will help to expand upon the Sewing Down South brand. “The company, Sewing Down South is going wild, which is really fun and cool,” he dished. He added that he is especially excited about the candle launch. “It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while,” he said.


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“We have kitchen oils that are coming out that we just created,” he teased. “So Sewing Down South is just growing as basically like an entire line for your home.”

He also shared why opening his own law firm was a dream come true too. “I have this avenue to help people,” he said. “So, we’re going to focus on personal injury and workers’ comp but also there’s going to be a huge pro bono side. That’s what I really wanted. So I can take on cases that I feel connected to. Or maybe cases another firm in Charleston hasn’t picked up or they’ve been turned down.”