‘Southern Charm’: Craig Conover Confirms Breakup From Girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer

Craig Conover is one of the beloved stars of Southern Charm. The charismatic lawyer and sewer has been with the show since its first season. Viewers have seen his ups and downs as well as his breakups and makeups. Just last season, Conover introduced fans to his girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer but future seasons will probably not feature as the couple has broken up.

Craig Conover at the 'Southern Charm' Season 5 reunion
Craig Conover | Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Why did Craig Conover split up from his girlfriend?

Conover had maintained his new relationship off the Southern Charm cameras as much as he could. However, filming in the middle of a pandemic, it was hard for the reality TV personality to keep his girlfriend hidden forever.

The Sewing Down South founder met Hegnauer at the end of 2019 thanks to Austen Kroll. Months later, the pandemic hit the world and they quarantined together during the lockdown. Things had been going great but on the latest podcast episode of Pillows and Beer, Conover dropped the bombshell that he had split from his girlfriend.

“I’m going through, like, [a] break up, and it’s nothing terrible, it’s just so easy to drink to avoid dealing with anything,” he said.

Conover said that he was in a “bad pattern” but thankfully for his parents that that visited him recently.

“I didn’t do anything except, like, positive productivity. And now I’m, like, trying to stay in that groove because [it’s] like a dark place to be in,” he added.

Shep Rose and Craig Conover in a season 7 scene of 'Southern Charm'
Shep Rose and Craig Conover | Paul Cheney/Bravo

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Craig Conover was just raving about his girlfriend

Conover recently embarked on a journey that would take him to the Winter House. The spinoff series of Summer House would mix cast members of the aforementioned show and Southern Charm. Conover took the trip with his buddy Kroll and things seem to have gotten heated.

After filming the special series, Conover said back at the beginning of April that he was still with his girlfriend.

“Well, there’s a lot that happens in Winter House, but no, I’m still with my girlfriend, Natalie, here in Charleston,” he told Us Weekly denying there was something going on with Summer House star Ciara Miller.

Despite the rumors around Conover’s love life, he assured the publication that he was still in a relationship at the time. However, the pillow maker did hint that being distant from one another during filming was taxing on them as a couple.

Craig Conover
Craig Conover | Tommy Garcia/Bravo

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“We have traveled apart before. She travels a lot. When we met, she was traveling a lot, and I travel a lot. So we had traveled a lot before,” he added. “We were just bummed that we’re going to be away from each other for so long, but then, as it goes on and as you’re doing this fun stuff and you’re seeing other people pair off and do their thing, you do start to miss your partner. So it was more just lonely and you wish they were there to kind of enjoy it.”

Conover also revealed that while he was away filming Winter House, his girlfriend took a ski trip with her friends. He would’ve liked for her to have visited him at the house but due to COVID-19 restrictions, production kept the cast in a bubble.