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Craig Conover is one of the stars of Southern Charm that returned for season 7. The new season of the Bravo reality series was hit with the pandemic as many shows were this year. Conover said he found filming through COVID-19 “interesting” and assured fans that the show will continue to be “wild and crazy” as it has always been.

Craig Conover
Craig Conover | Tommy Garcia/Bravo

What was so ‘interesting’ about filming during COVID-19?

Southern Charm and the cast of the hit reality series were impacted by COVID-19 along with the rest of the world. The Sewing Down South revealed that although the show will remain the same, certain aspects will be “very different” from season’s past.

“It was interesting to be part of an industry that has never really slowed or shut down production whether it’s scripted, unscripted, all different facets of productions all came to a standstill,” Conover told Page Six. “And I have some friends that are in the scripted world and they were like, ‘What are you guys doing?’ And I was like, ‘What are you guys doing?’ No one knew what was going to happen. So that was interesting, that kind of everyone [was] on the same playing field.”

The pillow designer is confident that the show will remain faithful to what the series has been thus far.

“I think it is exciting in a way that, you know, it’s still Southern Charm how you guys know it, but it’s something new and different again, which I feel like every year somehow with our group of friends, just there’s something a little wild and crazy and different,” Conover added.

Shep Rose and Craig Conover
Shep Rose and Craig Conover | Paul Cheney/Bravo

Craig Conover talks Cameran Eubanks

One of the Southern Charm stars that didn’t return for season 7 is Cameran Eubanks. The former narrator of the series left amid rumors her husband hat cheated on her. Eubanks denied leaving for that reason and said she had advised Bravo of her decision months before filming started.

However, in a recent interview, Conover suggested that Eubanks was set to film a scene with her and she pulled out at the last minute.

“Up until a day before filming, she was going to be filming with me, and then all of a sudden she wasn’t, so I don’t know what happened, but something happened,” Conover told Us Weekly.

Conover is not losing hope in his friend though, he feels that he can get her back on the show in the next season.

“I know that she enjoyed doing it with us, you know, me and her and Shep [Rose] had been together since the beginning,” Conover also said. “So that was tough, but I have a sneaky feeling that I would be able to get her back next year, but we’ll see what happens.”

Kathryn Dennis and Craig Conover
Kathryn Dennis and Craig Conover | Paul Cheney/Bravo

Craig Conover reacts to Thomas Ravenel

One former Southern Charm star that DID return to the show was Thomas Ravenel. The U.S. Senate hopeful made a cameo during the season 7 premiere as Kathryn Dennis was living with him and their two children at the time. Many fans did not agree with Bravo airing the footage after he pleaded guilty to sexual assault last year.

Some fans believed the cable network was enabling him and giving him a platform. However, Conover doesn’t see it that way. The pillow maker says it only highlights Ravenel’s hypocrisy as he said he would never appear on the show again in the past.

The cast of 'Southern Charm' Season 7
The cast of ‘Southern Charm’ Season 7 | John Valkos/Tommy Garcia/Bravo

‘Southern Charm’: Shep Rose Explains Why Cameran Eubanks Quit

“I mean, some people will say, like, we shouldn’t give them a platform or show it, [but] it’s not a positive for Thomas that he filmed at all,” Conover said in an interview to Us Weekly. “So, anyone worried that we’re helping him by filming him, it’s not accurate. I mean, for him to go on Twitter all the time and blast the show and then film? It’s just incredible.”

Southern Charm airs every Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.