‘Southern Charm’: Craig Conover Shares Update on His Friendship With Shep Rose After It Became ‘Toxic’

Craig Conover from Southern Charm has been with the show since the beginning alongside Shep Rose. The two became close friends but have also feuded throughout the seasons. At the end of season 6, they were both in a rocky place after their friendship became “toxic.” However, it seems that things are bright and sunny for the Charleston boys as Conover has an update.

Craig Conover and Shep Rose
Craig Conover and Shep Rose | Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Are Craig Conover and Shep Rose still friends?

There’s no one that has been harder on Conover more than Rose about getting his life together. Conover has struggled over the years to follow through with something but his passion for pillow making is finally shaping up. The Sewing Down South designer said he had become estranged from Rose but have now repaired their differences as the latter also found love.

“You know, toward the end of last year I had stopped talking to Shep,” Conover told Us Weekly. “We just weren’t on the same page. I was moving forward with my business and there wasn’t anything there for me. It was toxic. And he wasn’t in a great place and he started dating Taylor.”

Conover is referring to Taylor Ann Green, Rose’s new relationship that seems to be thriving and helping him better himself as well.

“I love Taylor,” Conover added. “Shep is such a better version of himself with her.”

The cast of 'Southern Charm' Season 7
The cast of ‘Southern Charm’ Season 7 | John Valkos/Tommy Garcia/Bravo

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“I hope that it works out,” the reality star said of Rose’s relationship with Green. “She’s awesome. And somehow, she likes Shep and she loves Shep, and I think he loves her too. So, yeah, we’re all in the audience for that one.”

Shep Rose spars with Thomas Ravenel

A former cast member that Rose recently had an encounter with is Thomas Ravenel. The latter seems to be supporting Donald Trump for reelection and Rose fired back on Twitter with an epic mic drop.

“The Presidential choice is clear,” Ravenel tweeted. “One candidate fighting his a** off to save the American dream while the other is hiding, sitting on a lead and letting the media cover up his corruption so that he can transform our country into the United Socialist Soviet States of America.”

Thomas Ravenel and Shep Rose
Thomas Ravenel and Shep Rose | Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images / Tommy Garcia/Bravo

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Rose has been extremely critical of the Trump administration and goes hard on them on Twitter. When Rose saw Ravenel’s tweet he couldn’t help but reply and set him straight.

“Good to see you using your degree from Trump University,” Rose replied. “You know, the American Dream he sold to people then had to settle for 25 mill for bilking a bunch of people. But at least he has his charity. Wait a sec, he stole from that as well and had to pay 2 mill. #Conman.”

Ravenel left the show after season 5 amid serious allegations but is expected to make an appearance on the new season of Southern Charm. The cast set to return for season 7 includes Conover, Rose, Kathryn Dennis, and Austen Kroll. Joining them as full-time regulars are Madison LeCroy, Leva Bonaparte, and John Pringle.

Southern Charm premieres on Thursday, October 29 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.