‘Southern Charm’: Craig Conover Teases ‘Wild’ and ‘Old-School Classic’ Season 8

Craig Conover couldn’t reveal much but said Southern Charm Season 8 is filled with twists, turns, and harkens back to the early days of the series.

He also couldn’t spill when the new season will premiere but teased that fans won’t have to wait for much longer.

‘Southern Charm’ Season 8 is coming soon

Conover spoke to Louisiana State University students about finding their passion. That’s when he teased the upcoming season. “It’s going to be a wild one,” Conover told local station WAFB about season 8.

The cast of 'Southern Charm' Season 7 pose for a photo after the reunion
Madison LeCroy, John Pringle, Leva Bonaparte, Shep Rose, Andy Cohen, Craig Conover, Danni Baird, Austen Kroll, Kathryn Dennis | Heidi Gutman/Bravo

“It’s definitely old-school classic Southern Charm with the twists that are going to come out, you’re going to be like, there’s no way this is happening,” he added. “So I think it’s going to be a really great season, I’m really excited about it.”

He also teased the new season would hopefully debut soon. “I would probably get in a little more trouble telling you that,” Conover said. “But it’s not too far off.”

New ‘Southern Charm’ cast members for season 8

The Southern Charm Wikipedia page hints that the season will drop “in early 2022” and finished filming in Dec. 2021. Returning cast includes Conover, Kroll, Shep Rose, and Kathryn Dennis. Madison LeCroy, Leva Bonaparte, and John Pringle will also return and Naomie Olindo will appear in the “friend” role.

Whitney Sudler-Smith retains his indefinite “friend” role but is also a producer of the series. Several new cast members joined the show. Venita Aspen, Olivia Flowers, Marcia Hobbs, and Dennis’s ex-boyfriend Chleb Ravenell round out the main cast. Longtime friend, Danni Baird doesn’t appear to return this season.

A few more people who aren’t likely to be on the show include LeCroy’s fiancé Brett Randle and Kristin Cavallari, who had a pretty complicated relationship with Conover and Kroll. The trio insisted no one ever hooked up, but recently Conover spilled on Summer House he and Cavallari hooked up. She denied it plus said she wasn’t planning on making an appearance on Southern Charm.

Will Shep Rose propose to Taylor Ann Green? Plus a ‘Southern Charm’ wedding?

Rose and girlfriend Taylor Ann Green are now the couple with the longest relationship on the series. Fans want Rose to put a ring on it and Green recently teased that the couple will address marriage.

In Dec., Green addressed Instagram questions about marriage. “A lot of this question,” she said in her Instagram story. “When are we getting married. We had a very, very lovely conversation about this topic. You’ll see what our answer is this season.”

While fans may see Rose and Green discuss engagement, LeCroy said her storyline with Randle will remain off-camera. “My fiancé will not be on Southern Charm. I hate to say that,” she said in an Instagram story. “But you know, it’s just not his thing. And not only that, but I want this to work.”

“I guess a lot of people are asking me when I’m getting married,” she continued. “I mean, I would marry him tomorrow,” she said during her Instagram Live. “But I do want to at least make sure that our families can be there and at least our parents. So the Southern Charm cast will not be at my wedding only because, like I said, we’re doing family. And that’s kind of it.”

Breakups, new couples and a possible fall out

Fans will likely see Dennis happy in love with Ravenell. But the couple broke up during filming and Dennis went back to being single. Also, Conover and girlfriend Paige DeSorbo from Summer House made it exclusive after casually dating this summer.

Bonaparte also seemed to fall out with the cast. She unfollowed several Southern Charm cast members shortly after the season 8 wrap party. And added on her Instagram story: “I can’t be around people who think my accomplishments, successes and future opportunities are competition,” via US Weekly. “If we can’t be happy for one another, we have nothing in common.”

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