‘Southern Charm’: Craig Reveals Shep and Taylor Have No Trust Because He’s ‘Constantly Cheating’

Craig Conover’s remark about Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green’s relationship on Southern Charm may have been a harbinger of their breakup when he revealed that Rose cheated on Green more than once.

Unconfirmed rumors that Rose and Green split broke hours before the latest Southern Charm episode. The couple has yet to confirm the news, but cracks have only grown larger in their relationship in the series. Green was worried about Rose’s wandering eye when he decided to join Conover and Austen Kroll on a trip to Charlotte.

Rose tries to quell her fears, but in a confessional said having to deal with her ongoing concerns will be problematic.

Craig Conover said on ‘Southern Charm’ that Shep cheated more than once on Taylor

The weekend away builds with Rose’s anxiety. At a local bar, Rose told Conover that he talked to Green and was frustrated when she told him to “Be good.” Rose scoffed at Green’s reaction. But Conover said to him, “Well that’s always going to be scars of infidelity in a relationship.”

Shep Rose from 'Southern Charm' shrugs in the 'WWHL' Clubhouse
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“Taylor’s anxious when you leave town because you keep cheating on her when you leave town!” Conover exclaimed in a confessional. “How is she supposed to be? Like, sleep peacefully at night?”

Rose insisted the infidelity occurred a year and a half ago and if Green doesn’t trust him now, she may never will.

Shep Rose tries to evade ‘Southern Charm’ producers to talk to Taylor

Earlier, Rose was clearly frustrated with Green’s reaction and tried to avoid cameras when they FaceTime at the hotel. The reaction came after he told her “There are seven or eight bars next to the hotel so we’re gonna have a little fun,” he said.

She told him to “Be good.” But Rose knew what that meant. “She is definitely skeptical of our time apart,” he said in a confessional. And that’s because of the past.” Producers flashed back to the moment when Rose told Southern Charm reunion host Andy Cohen he kissed someone in a stairwell.

Rose said he was “over it” and walked into a bathroom to continue the conversation, away from cameras. Producers picked up audio of Rose telling Green he refused to stop living his life.

Taylor’s anxiety leaves Shep to say things could end

Green was heard telling him, “I get anxiety. I will never be that woman that’s left because of a wandering eye.” Rose’s response? “Oh my God, how many drinks did you have?” She exclaims, “None!”

But he said in a confessional, “I’m not gonna sit here and defend myself for the rest of my life. ‘Cause, that’s a sure-fire way for things to end. With me at least.”

Shep steals away to buy a woman a drink at the bar

Rose grew more and more agitated on the trip when the topic of Green would arise. Later, while bowling at a bar, he told Conover and Kroll that his strategy is to ignore her anxiety, which Conover said is the wrong way to deal with it. “Shep’s not a relationship guy,” Conover said in a confessional. “He’s not cut out for it.” Rose showed the guys the text messages Green sent to him, shaking his head. “Don’t be the architect of your own demise,” he said about Green.


Taylor From ‘Southern Charm’ Called It Quits With Shep Rose Over His Failure to Launch

Later, Rose slips away from Kroll and Conover and is filmed talking to an anonymous woman at the bar and he buys her a drink. Conover said to Kroll about Rose’s cheating, “Taylor thinks it’s only a campfire. What Shep’s freaking out about is there are landmines and accelerant and gasoline all over it. He goes if you keep stoking this campfire, it’s going to explode.”

Southern Charm is on Thursday at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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